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Where did you stow those boots?  Keep looking, they must be hanging around somewhere.
Credit: Don Burch

Getting Ready For The New Season

Tongue-In-Cheek Tips For Dusting Off All Your Stuff…And You. You know it’s time to get ready for skiing when leaves are falling and there have been snow flurries in the mountains. You’ve started having ski dreams, and everyday you check SeniorSkiing .com (and your other favorite ski sites) for new postings. Here’s what you need to do: Get in shape.[Read More…]

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Don Burch’s Funkadelic Skiing

Don Burch’s Funkadelic Skiing

  Short productions by ski videographer, Don Burch, have been gracing these pages for a few seasons. Each one is a personal perspective on the joys of skiing; quite different from what the ski and clothing companies have been sponsoring. Funkadelic Skiing – a compilation from the 2021-22 season — is yet another take on Don’s unique view of the[Read More…]

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“Come Ski With Me”: A New Don Burch Video

“Come Ski With Me”: A New Don Burch Video

Don Burch recently returned from his first ski trip to Colorado in almost 50 years. He titled this video summary of his time at Beaver Creek, Copper, Keystone, Breckenridge and Vail,  “Come Ski With Me.” It’s another fine example of Don’s refreshing new genre of ski video: brief, graphically interesting, and easy to watch.

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Last Season

Last Season

Don Burch is a frequent contributor of interesting ski pictures and videos. He put together this 2-minute video of highlights from his 2020-21 season. If you want to stoke your imagination for the coming season, click here and enjoy!

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Spring Skiing At Killington

Spring Skiing At Killington

Here’s Another Don Burch Video Capturing A Blue Bird Day At The Big K. Snapshot of perfect conditions on a beautiful day.

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Early Season Skiing: Okemo, VT

Early Season Skiing: Okemo, VT

Shaking Off Summer Dust: First Runs Of The Season Snow finally came to New England last week whether through machines or from the sky. It finally got consistently cold enough to make the stuff or for real snow to stick. correspondent Don Burch ventured out to see what was going on at Okemo, VT. Here’s his video report from[Read More…]

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NSAA recommended signage for this season. Credit: NSAA

2020-21 Survival Guide

Buckle Up, Bundle Up And Buck It Up. Never before has there been as much trepidation about a ski season as for this one.  Given all the tumult that occurred during this year, it’s no surprise we’re anxious.  What follows are some insights that will help us get the most out of what will be a most unique season. Above[Read More…]

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This Week In (Aug. 28)

This Week In (Aug. 28)

We’re On Vacation! Mask-covered, social-distanced, sanitized-hands, take-out vacations are the end of August things to do at  Jon has isolated himself in a travel trailer somewhere in the North West, and I’ve been on a sailboat in Maine, watching ospreys and sunsets. However, we do want to send you a reminder of winter dreams.  Here’s a neat video from[Read More…]

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Fact Or Fiction

Fact Or Fiction

Test Your Ski Knowledge The most ancient ski in existence was found well preserved in a peat bog in China, dating from about 450 AD. The furthest anyone has Nordic skied in a 24 hour period is nearly 300 miles. In 1918 Denmark had the first “ski army”. With about 472, the US has the most ski reports of any[Read More…]

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[Editor Note: Thanks to Correspondent Don Burch for this challenging test. Good luck, you’ll need it. Answers at the end.]

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From Don Burch's video diary of the 2018-19 season.

Correspondent Don Burch Wraps the Season

Don Kept A Video Diary Of His 2018-19 Season. Perhaps this will keep you cool in July. If you have videos of this past season, please let us know at [email protected] (Some videos by Peter Hines)  

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Now this ad turned a few heads. Credit: Lange

Selling Skis: 50 Years Of Gibberish

Remember Lange’s “Soft Inside”? I get it. It’s not easy to sell skis. With so many advances in ski design, there are tons of great skis out there. So how does a brand differentiate their products from others? Just like they always have, advertising and marketing. This means slogans, endorsements, performance claims, use of exotic materials and “systems” and of[Read More…]

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Correspondent Don Burch (l) and Co-Publisher Mike Maginn pose before heading out. Credit: Tamsin Venn

Mike On A Fat Bike On Snow

A Fat Bike Neophyte Takes To The Trails. Here’s What’s Different. Exploring alternative snow sports always interests us.  We like snowshoeing around the woods when the snow is too deep for cross-country skiing. We go ice-skating on the pond behind the house when it gets cold enough and there’s no snow cover, an uncommon combination. We even tried snow camping,[Read More…]

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We've all been there.  Cartoon Credit: Mike Roth

Rope Tow Escapades

Grabbing That Twirling Rope Was Not Easy. It was the early 1960s, I was in first or second grade and learning to ski at Mohawk Mountain in Connecticut. At the time Mohawk had just installed the first chairlift in Connecticut but most of the experiences I remember where on their numerous rope tows. The first thing newbies had to master[Read More…]

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See if you can spot Draufganger on Big Boulder's Trail Map.

Trail Name Series: Pennsylvania

Extrovert, Powder Puff, and The Elevator Spend a little time looking at resort maps and you’re sure to find some attention-grabbing trail names. When I looked at Pennsylvania resorts I found some beauties. Powder Puff and The Elevator at Jack Frost along with Extrovert at Blue Knob topped the list. Among the best is High Hopes also at Blue Knob.[Read More…]

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Here's one Tom who made it past Thursday, glad to be trotting on the snow. Credit: SnoCountry

This Week In (Nov. 23)

Free (Or Almost Free) Skiing Directory, Skis For Seniors Recommendations, Chile Wrap, Trail Name Series, Ski History Gala, Skiing In Skirts. Happy Thanksgiving On The Snow!  For the first time in recent memory, there are plenty of lifts spinning in New England areas and in Colorado and other places in the West. The recent East Coast Nor’easter brought a snow[Read More…]

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Trail Name Series: Michigan

Trail Name Series: Michigan

Idiot’s Delight, Fun Bubble and Crisis. [Editor Note: Last week, we launched Don Burch’s Trail Name series with a round-up of trail names from resorts in California.  This week, we move to Michigan. If you have some trail names that stick in your memory, please let us know in the comments section below.] Look at some resort maps and you’ll[Read More…]

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High Voltage, Squaw Valley. Credit: Patrick Saffarian

Trail Name Series: California

Consider The Name Of A Trail. You Will Often Find Uniqueness And Whimsy. Peruse a few resort maps, and you’re sure to come upon some great trail names. Doing so with California resorts was no exception. Training Wheels at Mammoth is a wonderfully apropos name for a beginner trail. Amusement Park at Big Bear is fitting for a trail designed[Read More…]

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12 Tips And Tricks For Skiing And SnowSports

12 Tips And Tricks For Skiing And SnowSports

Clever Hacks For A Better Winter Experience. When skiing wet and slushy snow, spray the top of your skis and even your ski boots with silicone (wipe it off after spraying). The faster heavy snow slides off skis, the easier it’ll be to make turns. Toe warmers work better in gloves than hand warmers. Use the sticky back on toe[Read More…]

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The Ultimate SeniorsSkiing Ski Quiz

The Ultimate SeniorsSkiing Ski Quiz

You’ve Think You’ve Been Around Snow Sports For A While?  Okay, Test Your Knowledge. I know what you’re thinking; “Ultimate, I doubt it.” You’re a really good skier, you’ve been skiing for years and you’ve skied just about everywhere. “There’s no quiz about skiing that’s going to humble me.” Let’s see… As of the 2016-17 ski season, what state has[Read More…]

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Don Burch, circa, 1970, with the infamous Ford

A Wad of Tobacco, A Chairlift, And A Ford Maverick

A Long Forgotten Incident Comes Rushing Back. In the late 70s, I was working at a ski resort and poor as could be. When the Head Maintenance Engineer asked around for someone to pick up a part for one of the chairlifts, I quickly volunteered. He probably figured I knew what I was volunteering for and wouldn’t have done so[Read More…]

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