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These cool looking goggles flip up and they're made of the same super tough material.
Credit: Red Bull Racing

Product Review: Are Seniors Ready For High Tech Goggles and Sunglasses?

Better Than $20 Off-The-Rack Sunglasses? Inspired by Red Bull Racing, the four time Formula One Auto Racing Champions, Red Bull Racing is introducing new eyewear that uses high-tech, cutting edge technology in sunglasses and goggles. Formula One racing cars use the lightweight XMP material to reinforce carbon fiber and Kevlar in principal components.  Red Bull Racing thought it would be a[Read More…]

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Huff Post: Skiing With Senior Eyes

Huff Post: Skiing With Senior Eyes

Huffington Post Features’s co-founder Jon Weisberg On Light, Goggles and Lenses We’ve all been there.  Flat light conditions, slow down, stop.  Take your goggles off and put them on.  Peer down the slope.  Proceed slowly, cautiously down, perhaps calling it a day. In his latest Huff Post Post-50 article,’s co-founder Jon Weisberg explores the impact of aging eyes[Read More…]

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