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Question For You: Buy Now Or Wait?

Question For You: Buy Now Or Wait?

To Buy Or Not To Buy (Yet): That Is The Question. It should be clear by now that if you intend to ski more than two or three times a season at mid-large resort, a season pass is required. Basically, walk-up tickets are major resorts are in the $15o to $200+ range which is fine if you have limited interest,[Read More…]

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Breckenridge lift line in Dec 2020 when the resort had "significantly reduced capacity."

Question For You: The Best Of The Virus Year?

One Year On, It Is Time For Reflection. This year of sudden shut down when everything about lives has changed has thrown a lot of plans out the window. While many readers have found a way to get out in the snow, others have given this season a bye, and still others have taken up alternative snow sports, like cross-country,[Read More…]

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This you?

Question For You: Risk Rating

Are You A Hucker, Ripper, Park Rat, Or Just A “Sick” Planker? Sorry for the jargon.  This week, we’d like to explore on which end of the risk spectrum our readers reside. We have a sense that some readers have slowed down, taken down the speed a notch or two, search for corduroy on on sunny days, and switched to[Read More…]

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Billy Kidd making his move.

Question For You: What Lessons From Racing?

Have You Raced? When? What Did You Learn? We are curious how many of our readers have actually been involved in ski racing in the long arc of their skiing careers. Did you race in college? High school? World Cup circuit? Olympics?  Or just the odd NASTAR race at the local hill?  Regardless what level you raced or your degree[Read More…]

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Hannes Schneider brought "technique" to the US in early 30s.

Question For You: How Did You Learn?

Did How You Learn Help Or Hinder Your Current Technique? I remember taking couple of lessons when I started skiing in the mid-60s. Lessons were based on the snow-plow, stem christie, christie school.  Very Austrian. It served me well over the years I skied up to the time my Alpine career went on hiatus. When I came back to skiing[Read More…]

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Question For You: Was Your Investment In A Pass Worth It?

Question For You: Was Your Investment In A Pass Worth It?

Or, Do You Regret Shelling Out The Bucks? Here we are in mid-January.  The Northwest has seen abundant snowfall, the West needs more, the East, well, there’s been some uneven days, and trail counts are down. And we have COVID restrictions in place, changing the experience for lots of visitors from getting to resorts to the hill experience. Even Pitkin[Read More…]

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Restrictions: Help, hinder, hopeless? What is your experience? Credit: USNews&WorldReport

Question For You: Dispatches From The Snow Frontier

Let’s Try Again: What Is Your First Visit To A Ski Resort In COVID Times Like? A few weeks ago, we asked our readers to tell us how their first visits to a ski resort went in this unusual year.  We wanted to hear reactions to constraints, regulations, and policies designed to keep visitors and staff safe. Unfortunately, we didn’t[Read More…]

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Appleton Farms, Ipswich, MA. Credit:

Question For You: Groomed Or Au Naturel?

What Is Your Preference?  We live across a little country road from a 900-acre conservation property. For years, we’d walk across the road, stumble over the stone wall bordering the street, and plod our way about 20 feet through tree-falls and heavy brush to a trail where we’d put on our xc skis. And then we’d break trail around our[Read More…]

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Question For You: Preparing

Question For You: Preparing

What’s On Your Agenda? Last week, we noted that Warren Miller’s new movie Future Retro has hit the internet. For many, the premier of a Warren Miller film has been the starting gun of the season. Which got us to thinking about routines we have developed to start our own personal snow sports season. As we mentioned, perhaps it’s something[Read More…]

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Mt. Norquay early birders on opening day.

Question For You: Early Birders

Yes, It’s Early Days, But How Is It Out There? Wild Mountain is open in Minnesota (Oct. 19). So is Mt. Norquay (Oct 24) and Lake Louise (Oct. 29) in Alberta. And Wolf Creek, (Oct. 28) Arapahoe Basin, (Oct. 9th!), Killington, VT (Nov. 6th), and perhaps a few others are spinning lifts by the time you read this. Perhaps we[Read More…]

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Credit: David Zalubowski

Question For You 16: The Right Thing To Do

Let’s Do Some Scenario Planning. We all realize that the snow season we are about to enter—or which has already started in some places—is going to be the most remarkable in our entire lives.  We’ve asked what you were going to do about heading or not heading to resorts, and it’s clear everyone has a plan or at least an[Read More…]

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Bob Skinner's Ski And Sports, Newbury, NH.

Question For You 14: How Do You Decide What To Buy?

Shopping For New Stuff? Now is the time of the year when thoughts of pulling out the plastic and splurging on gear and clothing permeate our waking hours. After all, those old bindings are past their sell-buy date, and those cracked boots don’t quite fit the way they did seven years ago. And that dirty parka is simply falling apart.[Read More…]

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Question For You 6: Next Season

Question For You 6: Next Season

How Is This Going To Work? Everyone in the ski business has been puzzling about next season and how it will unfold. Uncertainty brings with it lots of speculation about if, when, and how the ski industry will re-open. Even if it does re-open, whatever that means, will people show up? So our first Question For You this month is[Read More…]

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