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Tuckerman's Ravine in Spring.

Short Swings!

Cassandra came to mind last week as we took our first flight since the craziness began. In case you missed that part of Greek Mythology, after Apollo gave Cassandra the gift of prophecy, he turned it to a curse, causing her prophecies not to be believed. Stay with me on this one.  The flight was one familiar to many Eastern[Read More…]

by October 23, 2020 7 comments Short Swings!, SHORT SWINGS!
A Brief History of Why There Aren’t More Innovative Ski Boots

A Brief History of Why There Aren’t More Innovative Ski Boots

As a reader, you may remember how much plastic inserts increased the lateral stiffness of your boots. Back in those days, if you were really cool, your boots were further stiffened when wrapped with a six-foot long thong. Then the plastic boot shell arrived, along with innovative designs from Rosemount, Scott and Hanson.           The[Read More…]

by March 27, 2018 15 comments Gear, Boots

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