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Mystery Glimpse: Dancing, Where?

Mystery Glimpse: Dancing, Where?

It Was A Famous Apres Ski Hangout Back In The Day. Hint: Think Colorado. What place? What year? Thanks to the Colorado Snowsports Museum for this blast from the past. Last Week: Bang, Bang As we said last week, it’s not what you think. It sure looks like the 10th Mountain in training at Camp Hale, as several readers have[Read More…]

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This Week In (Oct. 11)

This Week In (Oct. 11)

Free Skiing For Seniors: Early Observations. One of the most popular features on is our annual listing of resorts that offer free or almost free skiing for seniors. “Almost” free means a lift ticket or a season pass that can be had for a token amount, usually a processing fee or relatively small cost. For the past several weeks,[Read More…]

by October 11, 2019 9 comments Features
Mystery Glimpse: Bang, Bang

Mystery Glimpse: Bang, Bang

The First Glimpse Challenge This Season Is Not What You Think. This Mystery Glimpse photo comes from the archives of the Alf Engen Ski Museum in Park City, UT. Take a virtual tour of the museum’s collection by clicking here. The Mystery Glimpse feature posts a photo from one of the ski industry’s wonderful museums. Often these museums are located[Read More…]

by October 10, 2019 4 comments Features
102-Year Old Skier George Jedenoff’s Autobiography Published On Apple Books

102-Year Old Skier George Jedenoff’s Autobiography Published On Apple Books

It’s A Thriller, A History, A Love Story And More. Read It Free On Your Computer. George skis with enthusiasm. He cruises steep trails and shouts with glee when he jumps into powder. That’s George! Skiers at Alta flock to him for inspiration. “Age is just a number,” he says. “Don’t let it be a barrier.” His motto is: “Never[Read More…]

by October 9, 2019 1 comment Ski Heroes
This Week In (Oct. 4)

This Week In (Oct. 4)

What Pisses You Off. Last spring, we asked a provocative question in our annual Subscriber Survey. We asked, “Thinking back on the 2018-19 season, tell us what pissed you off the most about the following…” Then we listed “On the slopes”, “In the lodge”, “Tickets and passes,” “Restaurant”, “Other skiers”. We also asked what delighted skiers the most, but[Read More…]

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Blind-Sided And Body-Slammed

Blind-Sided And Body-Slammed

Is It Time To Address Ski Slope Collisions? How? [Editor Note: This summer, we published a little play about the speeding, out of control skier and what the ski patrol can do about it. You can read it here. Bottom line: It’s not their job, at least, that’s the party line. They are there to maintain the lines, help injured[Read More…]

by October 1, 2019 27 comments Features, Home Top Box 2 Analogy Test Analogy Test

[Editor Note: Thanks to Correspondent Don Burch for this challenging test. Good luck, you’ll need it. Answers at the end.]

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Downhill Skiing at Mont Tremblant
Quebec, Canada

This Week In (July 26)

“Not Our Job”: A Play In One Very Short Act Scene: Curtain rises on an evening outdoor dinner party under a tent. Several guests are gathered around a table with a variety of appetizers: shrimp, cheese and crackers, fruit. Bottles of wine, beer, and booze are at another table. A couple of dozen guests are mingling and getting to know[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

“Too Darn Hot.” Cole Porter got it right with his enduring 1948 hit. What a summer! Weather is getting more and more extreme. Hot. Cold. Wind. Flood. I like this church sign: But I don’t like these pictures taken within a week of each other from near the top of Mont Blanc. Going from snow to lake in such a[Read More…]

by July 26, 2019 1 comment Short Swings!
From Don Burch's video diary of the 2018-19 season.

Correspondent Don Burch Wraps the Season

Don Kept A Video Diary Of His 2018-19 Season. Perhaps this will keep you cool in July. If you have videos of this past season, please let us know at [email protected] (Some videos by Peter Hines)  

by June 27, 2019 6 comments Features
Riding the foothills of the Tucson Range. Credit: White Stallion Ranch

Non-Snow Activities: Dude Ranchin’

From Yodeling To Yippee-ing, Yvette Rides The Range.  I’m not sure if skiing gets you into shape for horseback riding or vice versa, but, yes, a lot of the same muscles are at play.  Either way, both take strong legs. I confirmed all of this at White Stallion Ranch just outside Tucson, AZ at the end of last ski season. [Read More…]

by June 27, 2019 1 comment West
SeniorsSkiing Guide: La Parva, Chile

SeniorsSkiing Guide: La Parva, Chile

La Parva Is A GS Cruiser’s Heaven. As a first installment on the Three Valleys of ski fame in Chile, I’ll write about La Parva. One hour and a half from the Santiago airport, La Parva is perched up at 8,700 ft on the front side of the Andes, and overlooks the city. The road up involves 40 switchbacks and[Read More…]

by June 27, 2019 2 comments International
In 1816, incessant cold through the year drove New Englanders to despair.

This Week In (May 31)

Still Spinning, Still Snowing. Still Going? In 1816, there was no summer in New England. Six inches of snow fell in June, and it was as low as 40 degrees in Connecticut in July and August.  There was frost every month of the year, and, in May, strong, freezing winds from Canada wiped out tree buds, and frozen birds dropped[Read More…]

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Bode Miller putting weight on outside ski.

Cycling And Skiing Similarities

Both Require Looking Down The Trail, Pressurizing To The Outside Of The Turn. I was out the other night riding with my pals and noticed that I was starting to look at the front of my wheel in sketchy terrain, and my balance was starting to be  compromised.  I thought to myself, “Pat,  keep your eyes focused down the trail[Read More…]

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Viable alternative?  Research carefully, caveat emptor. Results may vary.

Stem Cell Injection Alternative To Knee Replacement?

by May 20, 2019 15 comments MedTech

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