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NESIS storm distribution by month, 1956-2019. Credit: Weather Channel

This Week In (Jan. 17)

East Coast: Start Us Up.  Roll Away Stiff Muscles, Harriet Wears A Cup Cake, New Bindings Old Skis, Mystery Top Hatted Skier, Nordic Gourmet Ski Tours, Good Weather News. Last weekend, the temperature was 70+ degrees in Boston, a record high for January 4-5.  That was not a good thing for resorts, especially lower altitude areas, that are gearing up[Read More…]

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Nordic Nibbles are happening across the country. Eat and lost weight.

Eat Your Way To Fitness

Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Food Events Offer Exercise And Gourmet Food. [Editor Note: This article first appeared in, published by Roger Lohr.] Want a guilt-free way to indulge yourself with food while exercising? Cross country (XC) skiing and snowshoeing are some of the best forms of aerobic exercise, but if you go on a “Gourmet Ski Tour” on[Read More…]

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Time to improve?  You can do it with the Int/Att Feedback Loop.  Read on.

Incidents & Accidents: 7

Safety Is Up To All Of Us. [Editor Note: Dave Irons contributed this article on skiing safety which first appeared in the Lewiston Sun Journal. Dave is a veteran ski journalist and ski patroller. is collecting stories from readers about incidents and accidents that they have experienced. We intend to review these for patterns and themes and use that[Read More…]

by January 15, 2020 6 comments Incidents and Accidents
Skiing Weatherman: For The East, Enter Winter

Skiing Weatherman: For The East, Enter Winter

A Comeback For The East And Midwest, More Pow For The West. I spent the first two days of this week with fellow members of the North American Snowsports Journalists Association at Windham Mountain,  NY, where the crew did an outstanding job of providing a fun surface in the wake of a mid-season meltdown last Sunday. One of the presentations[Read More…]

by January 14, 2020 2 comments Home Top Box 4, Skiing Weatherman
Harriet's daughter bought her a cupcake helmet cover. Seriously, there are such things. Credit: Alta

Hip Hip Hooray! I Turned 80 Today!

Harriet Hits The Big Eight-O. [Editor Note: A big hug and salute to Harriet Wallis, snow sports journalist, who has written dozens of interesting and useful articles of these pages since began in 2014. Happy Birthday, Harriet.  Many more and have a great year ahead!] I planned to celebrate my landmark 80th birthday by taking cookies to my aerobics[Read More…]

by January 13, 2020 7 comments Ski Heroes
Lots of snow in view from Peak Lodge, Killington (4,236 feet). Credit: Roger Lohr

This Week In (Jan.10)

Where The Snow Is In The East, A Ski Learning Tool, Grandparents Teach Munchkins, Weather Coming, Apres Fire-ish Cocktail. Sounds as if the West is off to an incredible season. Snow packs in Colorado and Utah are already over normal amounts, the Northwest and Western Canada is getting more new snow.  So there’s lots of visitor activity.  A quick scan[Read More…]

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The Skiing Weatherman: Changeable East, Snowy West and Mid-West

The Skiing Weatherman: Changeable East, Snowy West and Mid-West

The West Continues To Luck Out, Cold Coming East By Month End. Despite a wildly changeable run of weather in the East recently, I managed to get two days of wonderful winter turns in early this week. It snowed on Monday at Sugarbush as I skied packed powder with my son. Wednesday at Killington surfaces were just about perfect packed[Read More…]

by January 9, 2020 4 comments Skiing Weatherman
Int/Att Loop: A Technique Improvement Tool

Int/Att Loop: A Technique Improvement Tool

After So Many Years, Can You Improve? Here’s A Way. First, do you want to improve your skiing?  If you don’t care that much, read no further.  If instead you still have a hankering for greater skill and more satisfaction, then the good news is “Yes, you can”. The “Int/Att Loop”© gives you the tools to do it. But improvement[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Two Racers

Mystery Glimpse: Two Racers

One Very Young, The Other A Successful Competitor. Many thanks to the Thread Of Pioneers Museum, Steamboat Springs, for this photo. Visit their online collection by clicking here. Last Week This is George Lundeen’s bronze statue, The End of An Era,  circa 1960. Why is it significant? Here’s what Dana Mathios, Curator and Director of Collections, Colorado Snowsports Museum, has[Read More…]

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Bar Supervisor Tom Falland creating his signature Smoked Old Fashioned drink at the Den Bar and Bistro in Silver Star Mountain, BC. Credit: Yvette Cardozo

Apres Ski: Artisanal Cocktails At Silver Star

Smoky Cocktail Better Than A Beer And Chips? The food and beverage manager over at the Den calls it classic cocktails “with a twist.” And, indeed, these are not your usual Old Fashioneds or mojitos in the Den & Bar Bistro at Silver Star Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. Downstairs in the basement, below Coffee+ cafe, along Silver Star’s main[Read More…]

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This Week In (Jan. 3)

This Week In (Jan. 3)

The Top 10 Articles Of 2019. Here are our readers favorite articles from the past year, deducted by looking at the number of comments, clicks, and the help of Google Analytics. It is certainly a diverse collection of pieces, ranging from our very popular Mystery Glimpse feature fueled by historic photographs from ski museums around the country, to a[Read More…]

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Skiing Weatherman: Global Pattern Bringing Warmth Then Cold Mid-Month

Skiing Weatherman: Global Pattern Bringing Warmth Then Cold Mid-Month

Happy New Year To All Of My Fellow Senior Sliders! In the two weeks since my last post, the western slopes of the U.S. and Canada have been the unquestioned winners in terms of fresh snow. Just prior to Christmas, the trail counts from British Columbia south to the Sangre de Cristos of New Mexico were on the lean side,[Read More…]

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"Take some runs with us," say Howard and Naimi. Credit: Harriet Wallis

Skiing Single: Five Best Words To Hear On The Slope

Life Happens. We Get Older And Our Spouses Pass Away. That’s When We Ski Alone, Often Really Alone. This is a true story, and a sad story. It’s just one of many similar stories. It might sound like sour grapes, but the goal is to offer a perspective on what it’s like to ski as a widow. The story has[Read More…]

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This Week In (Dec. 20)

This Week In (Dec. 20)

Happy Holidays, Injury Brings Insight, Gifts, Ski The Cone, Ski Forecasts. As a holiday gift from to you, here’s a poem celebrating the Winter Solstice and this special celebratory time of year welcoming Yuletide. The Shortest Day was written by Susan Cooper for the Christmas Revels, a wonderful show with music, dance, and poetry reflecting different cultures and styles[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

Away this week through the New Year, so no fully-developed column. But thought you’d enjoy this statement explaining what it is about skiing that is so inexplicably wonderful. It’s available as a poster in a variety of sizes. Click here for specific sizes and (very reasonable) prices. _____________________________________________________________________  

by December 20, 2019 5 comments Short Swings!

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