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Bode Miller endorses the indoor, endless carpet as a way to practice and learn.
Credit: Snobahn

Indoor Skiing? Bode Miller?

Ski In A T-Shirt. In July. In Colorado.   There is a way to keep skiing year round.  As we have seen, the urge to keep skiing has been explored in many different ways.  This time, Snobahn, a “state of the art” indoor ski facility is coming to the US with its first facility in Centennial Colorado. Hey, if you[Read More…]

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Tour de France winner Greg LeMond snapping pics on charity ride with Pat McCloskey.

Cycling Series: Join A Charity Ride This Summer

Cycling With A Champion On A Charity Ride: Priceless. One of the more enjoyable events in cycling are those which support a charitable cause.  Throughout the country there are road rides where participants receive donations per mile or flat donations to support different organizations.  These are usually marked with support from the local motorcycle club escorts, food vendors and volunteers at[Read More…]

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This is the mountain road to Portillo. Switchbacks are completely inundated.

Ski Portillo Gets 9 Feet!!!!!

Road to Resort Blocked. Winter shifted hemispheres quickly this week and delivered a 9-foot monster dump of snow on Ski Portillio. Resort operators there are ecstatic with the early season delivery. Dramatic satellite images show the day-before/day-after difference in coverage. If any readers are on their way or have plans to go this season, take some pictures and send a[Read More…]

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This Week In (June 3)

This Week In (June 3)

Survey Headlines, Still Skiing At Stowe, Cycling Series. This week, we welcome a new advertiser to Vail Realty has joined our crew. Note their ad in the right column, and also note that they are providing a 20 percent discount for subscribers of Click the ad and get in touch. You wanted discounts, we’re doing our best to[Read More…]

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Analyzing the data from the survey.  We're still working the numbers!

Survey Highlights: Surprises And Advice

Here Are Top Level Findings: Discounts, Meet Ups, Instruction. We are so grateful to the many readers who responded to our Spring Subscriber Survey 2016. We had a 28 percent response rate. Anyone who knows surveys and response rates can appreciate how phenomenal that is. And a huge surprise to us. Most surveys get response rates in the single digits![Read More…]

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This is definitely the last run, right?
Credit: Robby Kelley

May 26: Spring Skiing At Stowe

Now This Is Hard Core. Saw this on Facebook and had to show you.  This is from Robby Kelley at Stowe Mountain Resort.  His pal Ryan Siegle hiked and skied in 80 degree weather. Comments?

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Ellicottville is a cool place the just hang-out.  Non-cycling spouses can browse in many boutiques.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Cycling Series: Small Ski Town Turns To Bikes In Non-Snow Season

Western New York Ski Town Has Lots Of Cycling Opportunities. One of the more interesting things that happens to a ski town is the metamorphosis that occurs after mud season.  Mud season is traditionally when spring rolls along and the snow melts and the locals in ski town head for vacation.  Soon after, the festivities that define the area in[Read More…]

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In 2013, Diana Nyad swam the Florida Straits, 110 miles, without a shark cage in 53 hours.  She was 64 years old.
Credit: Steven Lippman

This Week In (May 27)

Indoor Skiing, Inspiration From A Senior Swimmer, Update On Free Senior Skiing In NH, College Course On Mountains And Art. The response rate to’s Spring Subscriber Survey 2016 is, frankly, astonishing.  We’re at 29%, a number that reflects how engaged our readers are.  Thank you so very much.  Next week, we’ll start reporting the results, at least the big[Read More…]

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Shredding is possible on 
"dryslope" faux snow.

Indoor Skiing Tries Again: Toronto Next

Experts And Beginners Can Ski All Year On Faux Snow. Many years ago, we remember when the town of Etobicoke, ONT, a suburb of Toronto, used its municipal trash collection to build a ski hill. That’s a clue to how geographically feature-less the terrain around Toronto is.  While the greater Toronto area has at least 10 ski areas in driving[Read More…]

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Tower of Babel watches over Arches National Park, UT.
Credit: John Nelson

This Week In (May 20)

Spring Survey Responses A Wow, Fling Golf, La Nina Coming Soon, More Cycling Series. We are truly awed and grateful for the incredible, enthusiastic responses we’ve been getting to our Spring Subscriber Survey 2016. If you’re familiar at all with surveys, you know that response rates are often in the single digits. So far, we’ve received fantastic 27.5% response rate.[Read More…]

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Same game, different gear. Are you ready to share the links? 
Credit: Fling Golf

New Golf: Ready For A Fling?

Snowboarding:Skiing as Fling Golf:Golf. We love sport entrepreneurs.  These folks are creative and have bold ideas about bringing new sport ideas to the public.  The guy who invented Fling Golf is certainly bold. Into the hallowed traditions of the golf world comes a very different way to get around the links.  The idea is to fling a golf ball from[Read More…]

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Skiers are attracted to fly-fishing because of the skills, the outdoors, and the lore.
Credit: Jan Brunvand

This Week In (May 13)

Survey Launch, Hiking Boots, Basics Of Fly Fishing, John Christie Passing. As we write this, our Spring Survey 2016 was sent out just over three hours ago, and we are already approaching a 10 percent response rate.  Three Hours!  Thank you all so much.  We really, really appreciate your support.  If you haven’t responded yet, please join the crowd.[Read More…]

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The Right Hiking Boot For The Senior You

The Right Hiking Boot For The Senior You

Balancing The Scales: Hiking Footwear—Comfort vs. Support. At the shop where I work, questions customers often ask include: “I’ve been wearing the same boots for over twenty-five years, is there anything new?” “How comfortable should my hiking shoes/boots be?” “What’s the boot that gives me the most support?” “Which type of hiking footwear protects my ankles best?” While hiking footwear[Read More…]

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The Ski Diva: How To Put Your Skis To Bed

The Ski Diva: How To Put Your Skis To Bed

If You Take Care Now, You Save Time And Hassles Next Season.  Here’s How.   It’s that time.  Despite the teasing snow in Vermont and New Hampshire this week, the season is fini, over, done.  And our friend and colleague, The Ski Diva, is offering advice about how to put your gear to rest for the summer.  If you heed[Read More…]

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Free Senior Skiing Under Threat In NH

Free Senior Skiing Under Threat In NH

State Legislature Considers Ending Decades Of Free Senior Skiing At Cannon Mountain. Since 1973, state-owned Cannon Mountain has been the only ski area in New Hampshire to offer free skiing to seniors 65-plus.  This year, a second attempt to end free skiing for seniors was introduced to the legislature.  The change would mean seniors would pay a discount of two-thirds ticket price on[Read More…]

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Killington gives Old Man Winter a little feedback. 
Credit: Killington Resort

Winter In The East: Performance Review

We’ve Been Watching Your Performance, And We Have To Talk. Thanks to Killington Ski Resort for this hilarious take down of Winter.  You guys in the West have no idea…  

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This Week In (Mar. 18)

A Senior Boarder Tells All, Crazy Matterhorn Run, Products and Senior Day at Jack Frost. We received a post card in the mail from a reader who explained that the weekly delivery of to her electronic doorstep was lessened by hard-to-read, too-light blue lettering. Notice the new look. There are also some other subtle graphic changes that make it[Read More…]

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Clearing skies over Cowboy Mountain at Stevens Pass.
Credit: John Nelson

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Stevens Pass—Low, Low Prices For Seniors

It Is Hard To Beat These Lift Ticket Prices For 70+. I learned how to ski at Stevens Pass, so whenever I return, it feels a little like a trip back in time. The lifts are updated, of course, but I can’t help reminiscing about those days more than a half-century ago as I learned how to make a parallel[Read More…]

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Magnificent views provide a backdrop for senior friendly skiing at Waterville Valley Resort.
Credit: Waterville Valley Resort

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Waterville Valley Resort Is Super Senior-Friendly

The Silver Streaks Make Senior Skiing Unique: What A Great Idea. When it comes to picking a spot to ski, seniors are after two things: Other seniors to ski with and a price that’s less than a bundle. That is why my husband and I have come to enjoy skiing at Waterville Valley Resort in New Hampshire. Skiing began here in[Read More…]

by March 8, 2016 2 comments East, Resort Reviews salutes George Jedenoff on his 98th birthday.
Credit: Ski Utah

Inspiring “Powder Philosophy”: George Jedenoff, 98

George Says Make The Most Of What You’ve Got. “It’s a pleasure by itself to be in the great, fresh cold air that seems to uncloud your brain…It’s a chance to reflect on your own life…[Skiing] is an opportunity to reflect on the wonderful things you can do…The plusses far outweigh the minuses…Take time to appreciate the positives.” Thanks to Ski Utah[Read More…]

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This Week In (Feb.19)

This Week In (Feb.19)

Big News For Our Subscribers, Resort Reviews, Stretching Advice, Boots and a Ski-From-Home Apartment in Borat-Land. We are extremely excited this week to announce a fantastic and exclusive discount deal for’s subscribers.  Now you guys can sign up with (using a special access code you will receive shortly in a separate email), and get discounts on top brands in ski[Read More…]

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With Mount Shuksan looming behind, a snowboarder shreds soft snow at Mt. Baker Ski Area.
Credit: John Nelson

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Mt. Baker, Snow Catcher

Hey Seniors, Low Ticket Prices In The Northwest! Mt. Baker is a storm factory. This North Cascades ski area holds the world record for snowfall in a season—an incredible 95 feet dumped here in 1998-99! I arrived in mid-January to a modest three inches new, but that was on top of a foot that had fallen the previous day. The[Read More…]

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Poll Results: Seniors Are Serious Skiers

Poll Results: Seniors Are Serious Skiers

Our first major poll reveals a compelling factoid about our readers. Last spring, we did our first Subscriber Survey to learn, among other things, just who our readers were.  We learned that you guys like discounts first and foremost.  We also learned you that 55 percent of our respondents skied more than 30 days a year!  Now that is impressive[Read More…]

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Women-Only Snowshoes: Vive La Difference!

Women-Only Snowshoes: Vive La Difference!

Special Thanks to Roger Lohr, Editor and Publisher of for allowing us to post this article which first appeared on that site. About half of all snowshoers are women, who snowshoe to experience nature, to exercise with friends and family, for backcountry access, and to have outdoor fun throughout the winter. The various snowshoe companies have been catering to[Read More…]

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Getting back into shape is a combination of courage, knowledge and just doing. Correspondent has all three working for her.

My Fitness Journey Continues: Part Six

The Battle Of The Bulge Rages On! (Thankfully, Reserve Forces Are On Their Way.) As I enter the sixth month of my personal (and public!) journey to fitness, I continue to make slow, steady progress toward my goal of being in great shape for the slopes come the first snowfall (and it IS supposed to snow in the Sierra this[Read More…]

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