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White Mts in background, we conquer Attitash.

This Week In (Jan. 24)

Talking To Yourself, Skis Delivered, Robert Frost, New Mystery And A Correction, Weather Coming Up, Windham Mt MidWeek Seniors. As reported in this space, the snow weather here in New England has been sketchy once a burst of fluff in early December disappeared or turned to ice. We had a miserable melt the second weekend of January with temps in[Read More…]

by January 24, 2020 7 comments Features
Short Swings!

Short Swings!

To some extent, skiing is a fashion statement. Current trends have an impact in what we wear, the equipment we purchase, and the way we ski.  Over the past several seasons, I’ve noticed skiers taking run-after-run using the same high speed, up-on-their-edges, race turns. It reminds me of the 60s when people were wedeling straight down the hill, or the[Read More…]

by January 24, 2020 6 comments Short Swings!
Windham is 2 1/2 hours from NYC and has something for everyone.

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Windham—A Gem In The Catskills

A Mid-Week Senior Program Includes Clinics, Group Lunch, Yoga, Plus. Driving from New Hampshire through Vermont to Windham Mountain in the Catskills of New York on a recent weekend I felt some trepidation as to what I would find. There had been rain, lots of it, and temperatures reaching 60 degrees over the course of the weekend. Arriving at the[Read More…]

by January 23, 2020 2 comments East, Resort Reviews
Mystery Glimpse: Crash Pad

Mystery Glimpse: Crash Pad

CORRECTION! We received several comments and emails about the identification of the woman in this recent Mystery Glimpse. The photo was provided by the Tread of Pioneers Museum, Steamboat Springs, was mis-labelled as Barb Ferries. Our observant readers saw the error and correctly identified her as Linda Meyers who also skied with Buddy Werner on the 1964 US Ski Team. [Read More…]

by January 22, 2020 1 comment Mystery Glimpse
Skiing Weatherman: Winter Is Delivering

Skiing Weatherman: Winter Is Delivering

Looks Like A Promising Couple Of Weeks. It has been a terrific week of skiing and riding in most of the U.S. and Canada and I have been lucky enough to squeeze in a couple of days. Loon Mountain on Tuesday was wonderful; miles and miles of packed powder and views of the White Mountains that are hard to beat.[Read More…]

by January 22, 2020 1 comment Skiing Weatherman
Maura Grady of Ski Butlers adjusts the bindings on Rossignol Soul 7 HD skis, one of the models the company offers. Credit: Jon Nelson

Jeeves, Bring Me Some Skis…

…And Boots. Ski Butler Service Takes The Schlep Out Of Ski Vacations.  I’ve always wanted a butler. After watching all of those episodes of “Downton Abbey,” who wouldn’t? And like the wise and efficient Carson on that popular TV show and movie, Ski Butlers offers an indispensable service, making the lives of traveling winter recreationists a whole lot easier. Ski[Read More…]

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Snow In Literature: The Wood-pile

Snow In Literature: The Wood-pile

By Robert Frost Out walking in the frozen swamp one gray day,I paused and said, ‘I will turn back from here.No, I will go on farther—and we shall see.’The hard snow held me, save where now and thenOne foot went through. The view was all in linesStraight up and down of tall slim treesToo much alike to mark or name[Read More…]

by January 20, 2020 2 comments Features
NESIS storm distribution by month, 1956-2019. Credit: Weather Channel

This Week In (Jan. 17)

East Coast: Start Us Up.  Roll Away Stiff Muscles, Harriet Wears A Cup Cake, New Bindings Old Skis, Mystery Top Hatted Skier, Nordic Gourmet Ski Tours, Good Weather News. Last weekend, the temperature was 70+ degrees in Boston, a record high for January 4-5.  That was not a good thing for resorts, especially lower altitude areas, that are gearing up[Read More…]

by January 17, 2020 1 comment Features
Not this deep...yet!

Short Swings!

AARGH!!!! What follows, unfortunately, is the tale of what NOT to do when renting in Salt Lake City through Airbnb or VRBO. My wife and I decided to take a place for January through March. We know SLC from having lived there.  The city is a terrific base with easy access to nine fantastic ski areas and more hotel, restaurant,[Read More…]

by January 17, 2020 9 comments Short Swings!
Nordic Nibbles are happening across the country. Eat and lost weight.

Eat Your Way To Fitness

Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Food Events Offer Exercise And Gourmet Food. [Editor Note: This article first appeared in, published by Roger Lohr.] Want a guilt-free way to indulge yourself with food while exercising? Cross country (XC) skiing and snowshoeing are some of the best forms of aerobic exercise, but if you go on a “Gourmet Ski Tour” on[Read More…]

by January 15, 2020 0 comments Destinations
Mystery Glimpse: Top Hat

Mystery Glimpse: Top Hat

Flippin’ Clown. This should be easy for some old timers.  Who is this guy? What’s his back story? Thanks to the amazing historic ski photo archive at Peak Resorts for this pic. Last Week This is Linda Meyers and Buddy Werner in April, 1963.  Linda competed at the 1960 and 1964 Winter Olympics. In 1960 she tumbled in the downhill event, but completed the[Read More…]

by January 15, 2020 8 comments Mystery Glimpse
Time to improve?  You can do it with the Int/Att Feedback Loop.  Read on.

Incidents & Accidents: 7

Safety Is Up To All Of Us. [Editor Note: Dave Irons contributed this article on skiing safety which first appeared in the Lewiston Sun Journal. Dave is a veteran ski journalist and ski patroller. is collecting stories from readers about incidents and accidents that they have experienced. We intend to review these for patterns and themes and use that[Read More…]

by January 15, 2020 6 comments Incidents and Accidents
Skiing Weatherman: For The East, Enter Winter

Skiing Weatherman: For The East, Enter Winter

A Comeback For The East And Midwest, More Pow For The West. I spent the first two days of this week with fellow members of the North American Snowsports Journalists Association at Windham Mountain,  NY, where the crew did an outstanding job of providing a fun surface in the wake of a mid-season meltdown last Sunday. One of the presentations[Read More…]

by January 14, 2020 2 comments Home Top Box 4, Skiing Weatherman
Harriet's daughter bought her a cupcake helmet cover. Seriously, there are such things. Credit: Alta

Hip Hip Hooray! I Turned 80 Today!

Harriet Hits The Big Eight-O. [Editor Note: A big hug and salute to Harriet Wallis, snow sports journalist, who has written dozens of interesting and useful articles of these pages since began in 2014. Happy Birthday, Harriet.  Many more and have a great year ahead!] I planned to celebrate my landmark 80th birthday by taking cookies to my aerobics[Read More…]

by January 13, 2020 8 comments Ski Heroes
Lots of snow in view from Peak Lodge, Killington (4,236 feet). Credit: Roger Lohr

This Week In (Jan.10)

Where The Snow Is In The East, A Ski Learning Tool, Grandparents Teach Munchkins, Weather Coming, Apres Fire-ish Cocktail. Sounds as if the West is off to an incredible season. Snow packs in Colorado and Utah are already over normal amounts, the Northwest and Western Canada is getting more new snow.  So there’s lots of visitor activity.  A quick scan[Read More…]

by January 10, 2020 2 comments Features

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