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Freshly groomed XC trails last longer. Credit: North Shore Nordic Association

Make More Tracks: Corrugation For Groomed Trails

The Technical Reason Why Ski Trails Are Corrugated. [Editor Note: This article was written in collaboration with Auguste Lockwood, Yellowstone Track Systems.] Interest in winter recreation promises to grow phenomenally in winter 2020-’21, despite—or because of —COVID-19, and a lot of us are looking forward to more friends and families on more and better groomed trails. One of the subtle,[Read More…]

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Skiing Weatherman: Something For Everone

Skiing Weatherman: Something For Everone

Snow For All. Often when I write this piece, I have good news for one region of the country and not-so good news for other areas of ski country. Such is the nature of winter weather across a country that stretches 3,000 miles from coast to coast and with so many and varied climate zones. However, just as there are[Read More…]

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Hannes Schneider brought "technique" to the US in early 30s.

Question For You: How Did You Learn?

Did How You Learn Help Or Hinder Your Current Technique? I remember taking couple of lessons when I started skiing in the mid-60s. Lessons were based on the snow-plow, stem christie, christie school.  Very Austrian. It served me well over the years I skied up to the time my Alpine career went on hiatus. When I came back to skiing[Read More…]

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Arc thinking makes a difference. Perhaps.

Instructional Advice: Don’t Do Turns

Words Matter. Why “Arcs” Works Better Than “Turns”.  Recently I wrote a small piece on how to handle tough skiing situations and used the word “arcs” where most folk would use the word “turn”. My insistence on using the word “arc’”raised an eyebrow or two on the grounds that it was perhaps mere semantics or even nit-picking. Believe me, it[Read More…]

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Credit: M. Maginn

Snow In Literature: Brown’s Descent

Or the Willy-Nilly Slide By Robert Frost (1916) Brown lived at such a lofty farm That everyone for miles could see His lantern when he did his chores In winter after half-past three. And many must have seen him make His wild descent from there one night, ’Cross lots, ’cross walls, ’cross everything, Describing rings of lantern light. Between the[Read More…]

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This Week In (Jan. 15)

This Week In (Jan. 15)

Don’t Let The Old Man In, Vortex Coming, More Poetry, Luxury XC Resort, Ski World Art, Season Pass Value, Ski Boot For Seniors, Norway . My self-image has always been as an active, healthy, strong, relatively athletic person who also happened to be 76 years old.  Friends were frequently impressed when they learned my age. “Really? You certainly don’t look[Read More…]

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Schweitzer Mountain's Twilight skiing suspended because of disrespectful clientele

Short Swings!

Friends in Vail recently got their Covid vaccinations. Colorado is making them available to people 70 and older. If we were in Utah where we have a place, my wife and I would be able to get shots on Monday, January 18. But we’re in NY where, over the past few days, the Governor announced that people 65+ are now[Read More…]

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Skiing Weatherman: Pattern Change Continues

Skiing Weatherman: Pattern Change Continues

The Vortex Is Coming. Last week I discussed a major pattern change that would unfold over North America this month. As we hit the midpoint of January, those changes are well underway. An episode of stratospheric warming over the far northern reaches of the hemisphere has matured in typical fashion, leading to the displacement of the polar vortex away from[Read More…]

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Make More Tracks: “Tasty” Three Forks Ranch

Make More Tracks: “Tasty” Three Forks Ranch

Luxury Ranch Includes Gourmet Food And Outdoor Sports. I’m a winter guest (or “dude”) ranch specialist – ski at them, write about them, consult with them, love them. Which is a little ironic because when you think “ranch,” you probably also think “horses!” – but I’m a wondrously inept horseman, whatever the season. I’ve been lucky enough to visit maybe[Read More…]

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Credit: MD Maginn

Snow In Literature: Interlude

By Linda Pastan We are waiting for snow the way we might wait for a train to arrive with its cold cargo— it is late already, but surely it will come. We are waiting for snow the way we might wait for permission to breathe again. For only the snow will release us, only the snow will be a letting[Read More…]

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Jan Brunvand, age 3

Growing Up Norwegian-American on Skis

A classic ski poster shows a blonde baby in a quaint wooden cradle, one outstretched hand holding ski poles, with a pair of skis protruding from the other side. The caption is “Norway. The Cradle of  Ski-ing.” This poster reminds me of my roots. I was on skis from before I can remember. An undated snapshot in the family album proves this.[Read More…]

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Finally! A Ski Boot For Older Feet

Finally! A Ski Boot For Older Feet

I recently had an online boot-fitting session with Dahu, the remarkable Swiss ski boot that advertises with Before sending a pair of loaners, the company asked for my street shoe size. I could have used their App to determine foot volume but didn’t go through that short step. As it turned out, the boots they sent were the correct[Read More…]

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There's a groomed trail, but lots of folks just went their own way across the pasture at Appleton Farms. Credit: A. Maginn

This Week In (Jan. 8)

Happy New Year, It’s January. The Year Has Flipped. We launch into 2021 with the notion that positive change is just over the horizon, on the other side of the hill, beyond that copse of trees, around the next turn, and down the road.  The vaccine is coming, and, eventually, we will get out from the shadow of this miserable[Read More…]

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Skiing Weatherman:  Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Skiing Weatherman: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

For the title of this piece I chose a line from David Bowie’s classic song. The jet stream pattern that ultimately determines the snowfall haves and the have-nots is undergoing change and, ultimately, it will be dramatic. As a lifelong skier and weather nerd, my step gets a little lighter and I tend to have a song in my mind[Read More…]

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Some planes are full; others are half empty. Credit: Picture Alliance

The How-Do-I-Get-There Conundrum

What If Driving Is An Undesirable Or A Non-Option? The world’s COVID hangover is going to continue well into 2021 so obviously ongoing precautions are needed to keep from contracting the disease. For those who live within three to four hours by car of a ski area, you’ve got options. Your car becomes your transportation bubble and then while skiing,[Read More…]

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Snow In Literature: The Snow Man

Snow In Literature: The Snow Man

By Wallace Stevens One must have a mind of winterTo regard the frost and the boughsOf the pine-trees crusted with snow; And have been cold a long timeTo behold the junipers shagged with ice,The spruces rough in the distant glitter Of the January sun; and not to thinkOf any misery in the sound of the wind,In the sound of a[Read More…]

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Call Of The Mountains

Call Of The Mountains

A Lyrical Look At Classic Eastern Ski Trails. Killington, Okemo, Mt. Snow. See what you’re missing, Western Skiers? Thanks to correspondent Don Burch for another great, feels-like-you’re-there video.

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Line up for the Silver Queen gondola at Aspen. Credit: Evelyn Kanter

How Aspen/ Snowmass/ Highlands is Coping with Covid

A Major US Destination Resort Implements Its Virus Plan. Here’s An Early Report Card. The biggest challenge ski/snowboard resorts face this season just may be lunch. Covid-19 restrictions limit lifts to 50 percent capacity, but indoor dining restrictions are even less.  That means many skiers will not be able to find a place to sit to eat, even if they[Read More…]

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Ski the TOA. Race? Fun? Both? Up to you. Credit: Anchorage Daily News

Make More Tracks: Nutter Butters And The Tour Of Anchorage

Joining A Race Without Training? Hey, It Could Be Fun. In this strangest of times, I think back to the great and diverse and sometimes unorthodox adventures I’ve had cross-country skiing. And although I haven’t competed often, there was this one time, some years ago… As I understand it, you’re supposed to train for a major race. Seems sensible, right?[Read More…]

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Get Smart About Back Country Skiing

Get Smart About Back Country Skiing

It’s Socially Distanced For Sure. And Could Be Dangerous. The number of skiers and split boarders heading into the backcountry is skyrocketing as we search for ways to avoid ski areas’ confusing restrictions on lift capacity and parking plus social distance. Sales of skis, boots, skins, probes, and shovels are up (137 percent in the past three years). Trailheads are[Read More…]

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This Week In (Dec. 18)

This Week In (Dec. 18)

Once in a year, it is not thought amiss To visit our neighbors and sing out like this: We wish you a Merry Christmas We wish you a Merry Chanukah We wish you a Merry Holiday And a Happy New Year!   More Music And Snow Sports Here’s another holiday treat. The Colorado Snowsports Museum has compiled a YouTube music[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

  This is our final issue of 2020. We’re not saddened to see the year go. Whatever your holiday of choice, please enjoy it safely. And celebrate the arrival of the New Year. It’s time to turn the page on so many things. Here’s wishing you a great season and many bright and promising days ahead! What Do Vaccines and[Read More…]

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Christmas Day Jet Stream snapshot.

Skiing Weatherman: The Beat Goes On

The Busy Pattern Continues. Last week’s installment headlined a progressive pattern that has been sending ridges and troughs west to east across the continent at a dizzying pace.  That pattern produced some meaningful snow in the West earlier this week and then unloaded a blockbuster on the mid-Atlantic and much of the Northeast midweek, jumpstarting the season at dozens of[Read More…]

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Silver Star mid-mountain village center.

Revelstoke Ramblings

A Traveling Australian Discovers Charm, Interesting Characters In British Columbia.

Carve Turns On Opening Day

Carve Turns On Opening Day

Master Making Those Modern Arcs. Ski instructor Paul Lorenz has a great instructional series on You Tube showing how to carve on skis.  To properly execute this type of turn, it is important to consider the basics of balance.  Those of us who have skied for a while know that it is most important to stand on the new downhill[Read More…]

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