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The beauty of the outdoors and the freedom of skiing are Warren Miller's trademarks.

Warren Miller’s ‘Here, There And Everywhere’ Ushers In 2016-17 Season

He’s 91. This Is His 67th Production. Warren Miller is back. The patriarch of outdoor adventure films is 91 and at the beginning of the trailer for the 2016-17 film Here, There And Everywhere, he asks, “What do people really get out of skiing?” His answer? “It satisfies our innermost urges…for freedom.” He mentions being in square boxes, “This building…is[Read More…]

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Study up if you're buying new gear this year.  There is a lot of nuanced knowledge to learn.
Credit: SkiSaltLakeCity

This Week In (Sept. 23)

La Nina No Way, Goggle News, Sailing On Snow, Advice On Buying Gear. EXTRA! LATE BREAKING NEWS: Subscribers Can Get A Discount at BEWI’s Ski And Snowsport Expos. Click The Ad At The Top Of The Page. We’ve been watching the news from various country ski resorts about the first snow falls of the year.  We’ve heard Tahoe has been[Read More…]

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New NOAA Winter Long Range Forecast: No La Nina

New NOAA Winter Long Range Forecast: No La Nina

NOAA National Weather Service Says Not So Fast, Winter. The weather outlook for this winter shifted dramatically over the summer when the sea water temperatures of the Western Pacific cooled more slowly than predicted.  To review, El Nino is a “hot” sea water temp, La Nina is “cool”.  Both play significant roles in global weather because sea water temps determine which way[Read More…]

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Googles, once an after-thought, have embraced high technology as well high style.
Credit: Smith Goggles

10 Tips For Buying Goggles

10 Things A Senior Buyer Has To Know About Goggles. While goggles shopping, take your helmet with you; both should happily marry. It is good to have no gaps between goggles and your nose. Don’t touch the inner side of the lens with your fingers, gloves or paper napkins. You may scratch off the special coating, then the goggles will[Read More…]

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Sail Skiing: Don’t Do This On Saturday Afternoon

Sail Skiing: Don’t Do This On Saturday Afternoon

Yet Another Attempt To Hybridize Skiing And Another Sport.  Why Is This Happening? We’ve reported on individuals who think it’s a good idea to take a kayak down a ski hill. Click here for our story with a video by Warren Miller, no less. And then there was the guy who thought he’d surf on big rollers in Hawaii on[Read More…]

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Study up if you're buying new gear this year.  There is a lot of nuanced knowledge to learn.
Credit: SkiSaltLakeCity

Ski Instructor Advice On New Alpine Gear

If You’re Buying, Know Before You Go. This is the time of year when a lot of people buy ski equipment for the upcoming season.  Ski swaps, retail sales, online blowouts, etc. are all in full swing once the weather starts to turn cooler.  But aside from the great deals, caution should definitely be applied when purchasing equipment. As a ski[Read More…]

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Early One Pole Skiers

From One Ski Pole to Two

A Personal Experience As Told To Alan K. Engen. The late Ruth Rogers Altmann, a good friend and longtime Alta skier, was born in Vienna in 1917. She learned to ski in the Austrian Alps. Ruth’s earliest ski lessons involved the transition from Mathias Zdarsky’s (1874-1946) turning technique using one ski pole and leaning into the mountain to Hannes Schneider’s[Read More…]

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Correspondent Yvette Cardozo decked out in Obermeyer plus size ski wear at the top of Mammoth Mountain's expert runs, ready to put the technical skiwear through its paces.
Credit: Yvette Cardozo

Finding Plus-Size Clothing A Problem For Skiing Senior Women’s Correspondent Yvette Cardozo Tells Where To Get Decent Clothing For Plus-Size Women. This is a story of success and failure. And progress. Sort of. I am not svelte by anyone’s measure. But I ski. I cycle. I scuba dive.  And I once rode my bike across the state of Florida … 174 miles in one day. The average temperature was 95, by[Read More…]

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This Week In (Sept. 9)

This Week In (Sept. 9)

Snow Sports Leader Interview, Awesome Mountain Biking By Senior Crew in WVA, Kudos To The Ski Diva. Labor Day is at last behind us.  We’re getting closer to snow season and, guess what, we’ve heard that there are folks making runs in Montana on scratchy and almost covered trails.  So it begins, the season of 2016-17.  There are so many[Read More…]

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"Bernie Weichsel speaks at the Jerry Awards at the Ishpeming 100 Film Festival during Skiing History Week in Steamboat Springs."

Snow Sports Leaders: Bernie Weichsel, BEWI Ski And Snowboard Expos

Bernie Weichsel is the country’s major producer of ski shows and expos. He founded BEWI Productions, Inc. in 1979 and has successfully marketed snow sports to audiences in the US and internationally. He assists with fundraising for the U.S. Ski Team and other non-profit organizations. Bernie also is a valued member of the Advisory Council. How did you start[Read More…]

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Not easy these WV rock pots.  But that's why correspondent Pat McCloskey and his senior cyclist pals took them on.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Cycling Series: Black Diamond Mountain Biking In WV

Correspondent Pat McCloskey Rides With Cycling Pro Over Technical Trails. What in the world is an ex-World Cup mountain bike racer doing leading a bunch of old guys around the rock strewn trails of West Virginia?  Well, that is exactly what happened when Sue Haywood graciously agreed to lead our group of aging warriors around some of the most challenging trails[Read More…]

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All Hail The Ski Diva: 10th Year Anniversary

All Hail The Ski Diva: 10th Year Anniversary

Online Community For Women Skiers Reaches A Rare Milestone. It’s not often you see a website/blog/forum on the internet last for 10 years.  Truth be told, internet presence can be pretty ephemeral. Websites often rocket into cyber space, do an orbit or two and then fade into the ozone.  Think, AltaVista or MySpace. A notable exception is The Ski Diva,[Read More…]

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This Week In (Sept. 2)

This Week In (Sept. 2)

Snow In The Air, Crazy Alaskan Run, French Alps Resort Review, Our First Reader Ski Report. Snow came to high places in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado in late August.  Pike’s Peak and A-Basin had a dusting.  Colorado Springs had to bring out the plows to handle a hail storm.  Looks as if a heck of a winter is brewing up[Read More…]

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Alaska Spine Skiing: A Virtual, Visceral, Vicarious Experience

Alaska Spine Skiing: A Virtual, Visceral, Vicarious Experience

While We All Await The Snow To Fly, This Might Give You A Rush. Pro skier and extreme athlete Richard Permin rips down a spine ridge in Alaska somewhere.  While we aren’t advocating this kind of skiing, we do appreciate the skill and courage it takes to even try it.  Note Richard’s heavy breathing as he negotiates some knarly steepness[Read More…]

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Here are some summer skiers doing the upper L2A.  BTW, seniors 72+ ski free.
Credit: L2A Promotion

Resort Review: L2A, France—”Two Alps, Two Seasons”

Les Deux Alpes, France: Seniors 72+ Ski Free. Editor’s Note: This Resort Review was written by Val E., a reader who has an interesting background in the ski industry. Val used to work as a ski slalom course supervisor, snowboard technician, ski/snowboard clothing consultant, ski engineer, ski/snowboard writer and photographer in the U.S. and in Europe. He traveled to 25 countries,[Read More…]

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