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Skiing trees at Utah's Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain: The Cuba of Utah Ski Areas

Visit Soon, It’s About to Change. Before the end of this season, Powder Mountain, Utah’s slightly out of the way ski area will become the largest in all of North America with 8464 acres, surpassing in size Park City (7300 acres), Whistler Blackcomb (8171 acres) and Big Sky (8000 acres). Even without the 1000 new acres that will be available[Read More…]

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Ski train unloads in North Conway, NH, circa 1946.
Credit: Dick Smith

The Ski Trains Return!

Car Free Means Care Free for Seniors. Remember ski trains? Back in the day, trains were the way to get away from the city and into the mountains. Denver skiers were thrilled last March when the ski train resumed service from Denver to Winter Park, CO, to help celebrate the ski area’s 75th birthday. Officials had ended the service in 2009[Read More…]

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Ski Guide Peter McCarville, who lives in western Colorado, assumes a pose at Snowmass.
Credit: Peter McCarville

The Value of Guided Skiing

Try It, You’ll Like It OR Let Me Toot My Horn. When I tell people that I am a guide for skiing and hiking I, basically, receive two different responses. The first response goes something like “cool, I want your job, ….”. The second response goes something like “why does someone need a guide for skiing, that sounds silly….?”. I[Read More…]

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SIA Asks For Your Input For Industry Survey

SIA Asks For Your Input For Industry Survey

Snowsports Industries America Is Conducting Research And You Can Help. is honored to be asked to support a special survey being conducted by SIA.  It’s all about Alpine boot buying.  If you respond and are selected, you might win some cool prizes from SIA as a reward, including boots, cameras and t-shirts of all kinds. We’ve taken the survey,[Read More…]

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The powdery slopes of Mt. Bachelor await skiers at the top of the new Cloudchaser Express lift. Credit: Jon Tapper

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.Com (12/16)

Find Ski Buddies, Ski For Free, More Gizmo Gift Ideas, Mt. Bachelor’s Appeal, New Backcountry Area Open and Short Swings! We have some terrific news for all readers of  Through our reader surveys, we know that many readers are looking for skiing companions.  We thought of different ways to fill that need from boosting our FORUM to literally individually matching[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

Snow Sports Industry Leader Bernie Weichsel Is Honored Advisory Council member and Snow Sports industry leader, Bernie Weichsel, was honored with the YES Lifetime Achievement Award in Boston last weekend. YES (Youth Enrichment Services) serves the urban youth of greater New England by providing outdoor adventures in skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, canoeing and camping.  Bernie has been an outstanding supporter[Read More…]

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The powdery slopes of Mt. Bachelor await skiers at the top of the new Cloudchaser Express lift. Credit: Jon Tapper

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Mt. Bachelor, OR

New Lift Opening On Dec 16 Makes Mt. Bachelor Sixth Largest In US. The season seems to go on forever at Central Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor, where Pacific storms dump huge annual totals, and the upper-elevation slopes hold onto the snow. From November to late May, Mt. Bachelor keeps the lifts spinning for an ardent group of skiing faithful. Among them[Read More…]

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Electronic Gizmo Gift Ideas Keep You Connected

Electronic Gizmo Gift Ideas Keep You Connected

Wander, But Don’t Get Lost.   “Why am I here? What happened?” I was lying on my back in a narrow 20-ft deep snow hole. My concerned buddy was looking at me from above. I took a few photos and started thinking how to get out of my snow jail without ropes or means of communication with ski patrol. The conditions were tricky,[Read More…]

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Helo to cat, cat to snow fields, skiing  and glamorous camping, aka "glamping".
Credit: Whisper Ridge

Whisper Ridge: 100 Square Miles Of Snowcat Skiing In Utah

It’s New This Year And Something To Shout About. It’s the largest backcountry resort in the country: 3,300 feet vertical, 300+ average inches of snow, and luxury yurt “glamping.” Check your bucket list. Better add Whisper Ridge. Peace, quiet, the hush of snow, make your own tracks, and the vastness of mountain ranges virtually to yourself. Are you drooling? Whisper[Read More…]

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The National Ski Council Federation can connect you to a local ski club.

Find Ski Buddies Near You Through NSCF

Now Our Readers Can Pinpoint Local Ski Clubs. Check Out Their Events And Activities. In Flying Solo, a recent article by publisher Roger Lohr, the joys of solitary skiing, nordic or alpine, are highlighted.  From the comments, many readers agree.  There are definitely benefits to going at your own speed, especially when you ski with people whose skills are at[Read More…]

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Early One Pole Skiers

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.Com (Dec. 9)

Subscriber-Only News, Gift Ideas, Season Photo Book, Are SmartPhones Upstaging Ski Talk (?) A Message To Our Subscribers It’s been a busy week at headquarters. Not only is the ski season ramping up everywhere, the holiday gift rush in acceleration mode.  And we have some great news for our subscribers. As you may be aware, has created a number of[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

CALIFORNIA Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows announced that five of its skiers were named to the 2017 U.S. Alpine Ski Team. All are part of the area’s development system and have been successful in International Ski Federation (FIS) competition. COLORADO Numerous Colorado resorts offer free skiing for young children—a definite benefit for grandparents taking the kids for a ski holiday. Ages, dates,[Read More…]

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Still More Gifts For Senior Skiers: Huff Post

Still More Gifts For Senior Skiers: Huff Post’s Jon Weisberg Publishes Ideas For Holiday Gifts In Huffington Post. Still wondering about a gift for your favorite senior snow sport enthusiast?  Co-publisher Jon Weisberg has some creative ideas that go beyond gloves and long underwear.  Jon is an outside-the-box kind of guy, and his gift idea are quite clever. Click here for his article on gifts for senior skiers[Read More…]

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Just a sample of the brands on Ski Influencers available to subscribers.

More Gift Idea Discounts For Subscribers Only

Check Out Serious Pro Discounts For Gear and Clothing From Experticity Our Online Partner. subscribers enjoy access to discounts on gear and clothing from the website which hosts links to many top brands. To get these discounts, you have to be a subscriber. If you are NOT yet a subscriber, just sign up using the pop-up or click here[Read More…]

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Are Smartphones an insidious barrier to socializing on the slopes? 
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Have Smartphones Ruined The Ski Experience?

We Used To Just Ski. And Ski Talk. What Happened? There we were, making turns in the soft powder as it dumped from the sky. The fluff was mesmerizing. Then my companion-of-the-day announced: “I have to stop.” Off came the gloves. Out came the phone. She began snapping photos. My mind said: “Take your photos, then let’s ski.” But the[Read More…]

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