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This Week In (Aug. 19)

This Week In (Aug. 19) Is On Vacation! For the first time since we started publishing in 2014, we are taking a break.  See you next week. If you haven’t signed up for your Promotive discount, let us know.

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This Week in (Aug 12)

This Week in (Aug 12)

V for Vail, Vandals, Volcanoes…and Vacation!!!! This week we report on V‘s: Vail (purchasing WhistlerBlackcomb), Vandals (destroying the world’s oldest skier image), and Volcanoes (erupting in Chile’s Nevado de Chillan ski resort). We figure it’s an appropriate use of the alphabet, since both Mike and I are taking Vacations next week. He’s with family on Prince Edward Island. My wife and[Read More…]

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Vail Purchases Whistler Blackcomb

Vail Purchases Whistler Blackcomb

Chinese Skiers Expected to Fuel Growth. Vail Resorts Inc. has reached an agreement to buy Whistler Blackcomb Holdings, owner of Whistler Blackcomb ski resort. The C$1.4 billion deal is expected to result in Vail’s marketing machine to attract greater numbers of international visitors to Whistler Blackcomb. “We have felt for a long time that Whistler (Blackcomb) is really the best[Read More…]

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This Week In (August 5)

This Week In (August 5)

Falling From The Sky, More Snowless—And Rough—Skiing, Promotive Discount Reminder, First Resort Review Of Season, Free Skiing Endures. It’s been a busy week at  We have some far-reaching stories that may help you through the latest heat wave. Co-Publisher Jon Weisberg reports on a daredevil who jumped from a plane to the earth without a parachute or batwings. No,[Read More…]

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Luke Aikins caught like a butterfly after his 25,000 fall with no parachute.

Don’t Try This At Home!

Luke Atkins Drops 25,000 Feet Into Giant Net.   Okay, our focus is on the 50+ snow sport enthusiast, and this article is about a 42 year old skydiver. By now you’ve probably read about or watched Luke Aikins’ history-making 25,000 foot descent without parachute or wingsuit. He jumped and directed himself (using GPS technology) to a 10,000 square foot[Read More…]

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Urban Skiing: Snowless Daredevils From Finland

Urban Skiing: Snowless Daredevils From Finland

Impossible but true. Crazy kids in Finland ski in the city without snow.  What gives? Several years ago, four Finnish teen boys played around with skiing without snow in their city of Jyvaskyla.  In parks, streets, and into rivers and ponds, they would skid, slide, crash and burn.  Since beginning in 2011, these lads have made 16 episodes showing their mischief and[Read More…]

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Mt. Baldy is small but powdery and friendly.
Credit: Mt. Baldy

Resort Review: Mt. Baldy BC Has A $19 Senior Season Pass! Seriously.

A Small Area Enchants Seniors, Offering Bargain Skiing In Big Powder. Editor Note: This review was written by Jim Barber, a long time skier and ski business veteran.  He lives near Mt. Baldy and loves his retirement home in BC.  Here’s his story:  “My wife and I started our life together in the ski shop business at Hunter Mountain N.Y. in the[Read More…]

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Cannon Mountain is a state-owned area, famous for its aerial tram and free skiing for 65+ seniors.
Credit: Cannon Mountain

Cannon Mountain Update: Seniors To Continue Free Skiing

House Rebels Against Bill That Would Have Ended Free Senior Skiing. Senior resident skiers can breath a sigh of relief after NH legislators agreed to drop a plan that would have ended free skiing for seniors. House and Senate representatives had agreed to a plan where resident NH seniors would begin to pay $5 a day for lift tickets, increasing[Read More…]

by August 1, 2016 1 comment East
A hike along a forest trail restores the mind and spirit.
Credit: Steve Hines

How I Choose Hikes

Outdoor Expert Says Consider Your Purpose For Walking. [Editor Note: Steve Hines will be teaching a hiking boot fitting workshop at the REI in Reading, MA., on August 10 at 6:30 pm. If you are in the area, drop by REI at 279 Salem St. and say hi.] I like to hike. I hike for exercise, escape/“mental health” and to enjoy[Read More…]

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Campground Trail's wild flowers.
Credit: Maura Olivos

Wildflowers Galore! A Hike in Alta’s Albion Basin

Perfect Day’s Outing For Fit Seniors. [Editor Note:  This article was contributed to by Sue Z.  Sue Z., born in Brooklyn, is now a senior skier who likes to spend her time at Alta. When she is not skiing or hiking with her husband, David, she paints in acrylics, plays the piano, and plays the drums. She and David have[Read More…]

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The Alf Engen Ski Museum in Park City opened the Stein Eriksen exhibit this month.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Stein Eriksen: Secret Tales Of His Life

The Ski Industry Remembers His Humor And Tenderness. Iconic Stein Eriksen was famous for his stylish and graceful ski turns. Generation of skiers tried to mimic him. “Stein made the turns we all wish we could make,” said Tom Kelly, vice president of communications for the United States Ski and Snowboard Association. “Everyone who met him came away with a[Read More…]

by July 27, 2016 1 comment Ski Heroes
Club leader Richard Lambert personally leads senior ski trips around the globe.
Credit: 70PlusSkiClub

70+ Ski Club Is New Advertiser Is A Perfect Match For This Senior’s Ski Club. The 70+ Ski Club is known to be the oldest and largest ski club of its kind. Lloyd Lambert, a popular upstate New York ski reporter and broadcaster, founded the club in 1977 when he saw many seniors giving up the sport. He led the effort to get free senior[Read More…]

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Construction for Buck Hill's summer snow hill should be starting about now. (July 2016)
Credit: Buck Hill

This Week In (July 22)

Industry Leader Interview, Artificial Snow Trending, Cycling In The OC. Summer is at its height, and it’s really hot in North America.  Our readers continue to do their summer activities on the water, trails and roads; thanks for letting us know how you’re doing.  We are officially noting that the start of Autumn is nine weeks away. This week, we[Read More…]

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Construction for Buck Hill's summer snow hill should be starting about now. (July 2016)
Credit: Buck Hill

Artificial Snow Doesn’t Melt

Summer Skiing At Buckhill, MN, Is About To Happen. We’ve seen how ventures into summer and indoor skiing have become a growing trend in the ski industry.  From a business angle, it makes sense: extend the season, create activity at the ski facility, keep lessons going and get people involved.  It may also make sense from a climate change angle.  If[Read More…]

by July 21, 2016 2 comments Midwest
Heli-Skiing in the Canadian Rockies: A peak skiiing experience.
Credit: CMH

This Week In (July 15)

Breaking News, Weather Prediction, Super Video, Road Trip. Breaking News:  The terminal foundation at the top of Sunday River’s Spruce Peak chairlift has collapsed, leaving the bull wheel, cable and chairs in disarray.  This disturbing incident is being investigated by state officials and Sunday River engineers. At presstime, the cause is a mystery as is the future of this ski[Read More…]

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