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Question For You: 3

Question For You: 3

It’s important for seniors to connect during these difficult times. Because we have a large list of senior readers, we are contemplating turning a portion of into a forum for our readers.  We’re going to ask some questions that you can respond to in the Reply Box below each question. Hopefully, others will respond and we can create a[Read More…]

by March 19, 2020 32 comments Forum
James Niehues in his studio, creating maps by hand. Credit: LA Times

The Man Who Paints Mountains

James Niehues Creates Hand Painted Maps Of Ski Resorts And Now There’s A Book. If you’ve ever taken a second look at the resort trail maps you casually pick up and put in your parka pocket, you are most likely looking at a painting by James Niehues. James has created trail map art of over 200 resorts around the globe[Read More…]

by March 19, 2020 2 comments Snow Sports Leaders
Skiing Weatherman: There’s Snow In The West, Only Maybe East

Skiing Weatherman: There’s Snow In The West, Only Maybe East

For Those Still Venturing Out On Snow Shoes, Skinny Skis, Or Skins. On a typical office day in the winter, I often scan web cams from resorts, living vicariously on those days when I can’t be on the snow myself. Now that the coronavirus pandemic has ground the winter sports season to a virtual halt, I still check out the[Read More…]

by March 19, 2020 0 comments Skiing Weatherman
Seniors participating in Life Elevated Utah having fun and acting silly for the camera. Credit: Harriet Wallis

Senior Small Group Ski Week With Lodging Right On Uncrowded Powder Mountain

Plan Now For Next Winter Gary and Sandy Nielsen have run Road Scholar programs in Utah for about 20 years. They’re experts at planning and organizing week-long programs including Hopi pottery, dinosaurs and rock hounding in summer—and the very popular senior ski program in winter. But several years ago as the demand for more senior ski weeks kept growing, Gary[Read More…]

by March 19, 2020 5 comments West
Credit: Dorothy Crossley, New England Ski Museum

Mystery Glimpse: Young Racer

Who Is This Racer? Major hint: O, Canada! This one should be easy. This week, we all need an easy one. Can you tell us about her history? Her extraordinary career? Thanks to the New England Ski Museum for this picture. Last Week This photo was taken at Crested Butte Mountain Resort in 1963, showing off the installation of their[Read More…]

by March 19, 2020 6 comments Mystery Glimpse
Wear your green next week.  Happy Paddy's Day.  Is he still a saint?

This Week In (Mar. 13)

Pivoting To Spring, New Mexico Resorts, Luxury Vermont Inn, Mystery Gondola, Weather Man Predicts. We have several reports that spring-like skiing is happening at the higher elevation resorts in the Northeast. A few bluebird days, corduroy trails.  Ahh.  We are jealous because…we are in Florida. Such are the vicissitudes of family life.  We plan to get back for a final[Read More…]

by March 13, 2020 0 comments Features
70+ Ski Club group photo. The club ventures to US, European, and this year, New Zealand resorts. Credit: 70+ Ski Club

70+ Ski Club: Ski Trips, Fun, And Camaraderie

You Are Never Too Old To Be Young. Ski clubs have been around ever since people strapped skis on for fun. But the 70+ Ski Club has a unique niche. It’s the only ski club for skiers – and boarders – who are at least 70 years old.  People often give up skiing when their spouse passes away or when[Read More…]

by March 12, 2020 2 comments Features
My Personal Skiing Safety Primer

My Personal Skiing Safety Primer

To stay safe, all older skiers should prepare themselves for what might go wrong. I call this a “safety mindset,” and it’s kept me safe in more than 40- years of rock climbing, mountaineering and skiing. Part of that preparation is answering these questions:  What should I wear to protect myself? How will I be found? What are the most[Read More…]

by March 11, 2020 1 comment Features
Skiing Weatherman: Out Like  A Lion

Skiing Weatherman: Out Like A Lion

March Won’t Be Ending Spring-like. Although I had good intentions, I must confess that I did not get on the snow in the past week.  65 degree temperatures here in Rhode Island early this week didn’t help to inspire, for sure.  Much of the East has had a frustrating season, due to a lack of cold and snow, but the[Read More…]

by March 11, 2020 0 comments Skiing Weatherman
Taos Kachina Peak is at 12,481 where the snow stays cold. Credit: Taos

A New Yorker Discovers New Mexico Resorts

A Veteran Skier Can’t Find Ice On His Visit To Taos, Angel Fire, Ski Santa Fe. The past three times I skied here in the East the skiing was good.  That means the trails were all skiable but every run you would encounter different conditions.  Most mornings after a cold night, you will find nice groomed corduroy which had set[Read More…]

by March 11, 2020 3 comments West
Mystery Glimpse: Bumpin’ Gonds

Mystery Glimpse: Bumpin’ Gonds

What Ski Area Is This? And what’s the story behind these yellow and blue gondolas? Special thanks to Dana Mathios, curator of the Colorado Snowsports Museum, for providing this week’s photo. Last Week This is a photo of Cannon Mountain, Franconia, NH, home of America’s first aerial tramway which began operation in 1938 and was renovated in the 80s. Taken[Read More…]

by March 11, 2020 4 comments Mystery Glimpse
This Week In (Mar.6)

This Week In (Mar.6)

We Get Letters, Alpine Backcountry Primer, Frost’s Funny Poem, History Dartmouth Skiway, Big Green Machine, Collision Video, Guess Aerial Photo Of Resort, Weather Ahead. Dear Readers: Our 2020 February Fundraiser is officially over, however, the donation page will remain open. We are overwhelmed by the response from so many of you.  Your contributions will go a long way in[Read More…]

by March 6, 2020 1 comment Features
Short Swings!

Short Swings!

I was in a place I shouldn’t have been. When I entered the gate, I thought I had been on this part of the mountain years earlier. But as I descended, nothing about it seemed familiar.   It was steep beyond my comfort. There were bumps and trees, and the surface was getting icy. Signs on the trees warned this[Read More…]

by March 6, 2020 1 comment Short Swings!
Backcountry skiing is different, requires planning and gear. Credit: Bolton Valley

Alpine Backcountry Touring Primer In Bolton Valley

Three Things to Do And Not To Do While Alpine Backcountry Touring. For those who have never tried Alpine Touring, Bolton Valley near Burlington, Vt., offers an intro to backcountry skiing every Saturday morning out of the spacious Sports Center near the main lifts. That is due to a recent change in Bolton Valley ownership. Three years ago former owner[Read More…]

by March 4, 2020 2 comments East

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