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Credit: Journal New England Ski Museum

Mystery Glimpse: Cool Sun Glasses

A Founder Another easy one.  Let’s hear from you. Do you have any stories about this person? Last Week Nancy Greene-Raine, skiing’s girl next door. Not only was she a successful ski racer for Canada, she became a senator for British Columbia in 2009 until her mandatory retirement in 2018. She has a long list of ski industry related accomplishments,[Read More…]

by March 26, 2020 3 comments Mystery Glimpse
From Don Burch's video diary of the 2018-19 season.

Correspondent Don Burch Wraps the Season

Don Kept A Video Diary Of His 2018-19 Season. Perhaps this will keep you cool in July. If you have videos of this past season, please let us know at [email protected] (Some videos by Peter Hines)  

by June 27, 2019 6 comments Features
Mystery Glimpse: Cablin’

Mystery Glimpse: Cablin’

Where? When? What’s Special? Thanks to the New England Ski Museum for this picture of a unique moment in skiing history. The NESM has recently opened a new branch on North Conway, NH. Last Week This is a “10th Mountain Whisk”, designated by government purveyors as “Brush, Mountain”. It is a stiff brush particularly useful to 10th Mountain Division troops[Read More…]

by April 10, 2019 2 comments Features
Stuff happens.  Be ready.
Credit: The Press Christchurch

What Else Should You Have In Your Car?

Don’t Get Stuck Without This Extra Safety Gear. Now that you have “The Box in the Back,” (see previous article) what else do you need to carry in your car? The list, strangely enough is short, but the items are necessary. The first four should be in your car all year round, not just the winter. So, without further ado,[Read More…]

by February 5, 2018 2 comments Features
This Week In (Oct. 7)

This Week In (Oct. 7)

More Layering Advice, Finding Ski Buddies, And A New X-C Leader Emerges. Just to get the mind ready, here’s a micro video clip of our friend’s son, Chris Thomas, doing the powder at Steamboat last spring. Hang on folks we are almost there. Now is the time of the year to be browsing through the ski magazines and websites for new gear[Read More…]

by October 6, 2016 0 comments Features

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