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Protect yourself and others. Things have changed. Credit: Marketwatch

More On Taking A Lesson With COVID

Things Are Different. More Ideas For Successful Lessons. Correspondent Keller Minton’s article last week on taking a lesson in COVID times was praised by a ski world notable. Seth Masia, president of the International Ski History Association, long time ski journalist, active ski instructor at Aspen/Snowmass, and member of’ Board of Advisors, wrote to us with some additional comments. [Read More…]

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John Fry. Credit: SKI Magazine

John Fry (1930-2020)

Journalist, Historian, Innovator, Hall of Fame Member Passes On. [This article first appeared in Ski History Magazine. We thank the International Ski History Association for permission to reprint this memory of a ski industry legend.) John Fry, the dean of North American ski journalists, died suddenly but peacefully on January 24, two days after celebrating his 90th birthday Fry was[Read More…]

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Ask An Expert: Getting Up From A Fall

Ask An Expert: Getting Up From A Fall

How To Get Up From A Fall A question from reader Jeffrey Dunning: What are good exercises to help skiers get up after a fall? Getting up with both ski boots attached to skis is a lot harder than when I was young. For an expert opinion, we turned to Seth Masia, founder of the instructional approach, offered at the[Read More…]

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New Feature:  Ask An Expert

New Feature: Ask An Expert

Ask An Expert is the new feature that answers your snow sport questions with responses from experts. Send in your questions, and we’ll find the experts to answer them. The feature will appear as frequently as we have your questions. We start the series this week with this question from reader, Terry Kureth: While skiing with a friend not[Read More…]

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Nine Ski Tips Every Senior Skier Needs To Know

Nine Ski Tips Every Senior Skier Needs To Know

Subscribers Can Download A New eBook For Free. For Baby Boomer skiers, low impact and low torque are the keys to more runs per day and more pleasurable skiing in general. With the exception of the occasional kamikaze, older skiers want to remain in control on all types of terrain. And they want have a good time and look good[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

A Weekly Round-Up Of Industry News. CALIFORNIA 11th annual Alpenglow Sports Winter Film Series will be held at Squaw Valley’s Olympic Village Lodge, November 17. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows promoted Tom Feiten to VP, Marketing and Business Development, overseeing marketing and sales. Before joining the resort in 2011, he helped Teton Gravity Research revitalize the Teton Gravity Research annual film[Read More…]

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Each dimension can be varied in different ski types. Know your preferences.
Credit: Brittanica

Picking Your Next Skis: The Essentials

When buying skis, choose a ski based on matching width and turn radius to the kind of snow you like. Hard snow: select a ski with a narrow waist – 76mm or narrower. Soft groomers (or general western front-of-mountain skiing): select a moderate waist – 75 to 85mm. Resort powder (with firm surface underneath): select a mid-fat waist – 85[Read More…]

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Veteran Instructor and Advisory Board Member Seth Masia re-teaches seniors to ski at Vail.

Ski Younger Now: Retraining Program At Vail

Ski Younger Now is a retraining program for older skiers, and skiers returning to the sport after recovering from an injury. Developed by veteran instructor, Seth Masia (Seth is on the Advisory Board), Ski Younger Now teaches low-impact, low-torque techniques to enable efficient skiing in all kinds of terrain. The approach works for anyone recovering from an injury and[Read More…]

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