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Jan, Judy, Erk, 1962.

Moving To Indiana Then Idaho

Part Four: Jan and Judy Find Lots Of Places To Ski. We returned from Norway in 1957 and headed to Indiana University. We skied Caberfae near Cadillac, MI, a couple of times, but otherwise, our four years at IU were devoted to my studies and having Bloomington’s New Year’s Baby in January 1960. Where and when would we ever start[Read More…]

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Judy in powder on her new skis and outfit.

Skiing In Norway: 1956-57

Jan and Judy Get New Ski Gear, New Snow Adventures In A Land That Loves Skiing. After breaking her leg on our disastrous first ski date in Michigan, my wife Judy was still a bit stiff  in the left leg when we arrived in Norway in late June 1956 to begin my Fulbright-student year studying Norwegian folklore.  But we had[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Where And When?

Mystery Glimpse: Where And When?

This Is An Oldie. Can you identify where this rope tow was and when? If you can, write your comment in Leave A Reply below. Many thanks to Ski History magazine for this picture. Ski History magazine is the publication of the International Ski History Association. Find out more about ISHA by clicking here. Last Week In keeping with last[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Instructor Comma

Mystery Glimpse: Instructor Comma

Famous Instructor And Ski Celebrity. Here’s a picture of one of skiing’s most famous instructors, demonstrating the equally famous comma position.  This might be an easy one for many readers who have been around skiing for a while, like since the early 60s. Heavy hint: He just had a birthday. Last Week Yes, it’s the famous Air Car, a sui[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: From The Air

Mystery Glimpse: From The Air

What Are We Looking At? Thanks to a friendly aviator, we have this magnificent, recent (last week) view of a most formidable mountain resort.  How’s your pattern recognition?  Can tell us where it is? Major hint: That wide trail to the right is used for racing team practice. Last Week Yes, Lucille Ball visiting the Mittersill Alpine Resort in Franconia,[Read More…]

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It's quite the hat.

This Old Moriarty Hat

Who owns a hat for 50 years?  Well, if it’s a Moriarty hat, perhaps you understand why. Getting ready to shovel the driveway one cold morning last winter, I reached to the top shelf of the hall closet for a hat.  My fingers felt the double-thick headband of my old Moriarty hat tucked up out of sight.  I pulled it[Read More…]

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Not Barb Ferries.

Mystery Glimpse: Two Racers

One Very Young, The Other A Successful Competitor. Many thanks to the Tread Of Pioneers Museum, Steamboat Springs, for this photo. Visit their online collection by clicking here. Last Week This is George Lundeen’s bronze statue, The End of An Era,  circa 1960. Why is it significant? Here’s what Dana Mathios, Curator and Director of Collections, Colorado Snowsports Museum, has[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Racer R.

Mystery Glimpse: Racer R.

This Is A Challenge. Hints Below. He was on Bob Beattie’s 1964 US Ski Team. He later worked for Head Ski and Lange Boots. Do you know who he is? Put your guess in the comment box below. Last Week Thanks to ski correspondent Dave Irons for supplying last week’s picture and this description: “John and Joe Luc Roy Jr.[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

Uphill Without a Lift? In this age of technological disruption, it’s time to consider the growing number of alternatives to rope tows, chairlifts, gondolas and trams. Self Powered Starting at the most basic level, there’s the growing practice of uphilling, the use of skins on skis to help the more fit and energetic work their way up. Long a European[Read More…]

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Fact Or Fiction

Fact Or Fiction

Test Your Ski Knowledge The most ancient ski in existence was found well preserved in a peat bog in China, dating from about 450 AD. The furthest anyone has Nordic skied in a 24 hour period is nearly 300 miles. In 1918 Denmark had the first “ski army”. With about 472, the US has the most ski reports of any[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Tow Boat

Mystery Glimpse: Tow Boat

What’s This? This Strange Device Held 10 Skiers. Hint: Western resort. Many thanks to the Tread Of Pioneers Museum for this contribution. Last Week Of course, Killington. We took advantage of a picture of the resort a day or two after a major pair of Nor’Easters in New England taken by a pilot friend of ours. The snow dusting bodes[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Bang, Bang

Mystery Glimpse: Bang, Bang

The First Glimpse Challenge This Season Is Not What You Think. This Mystery Glimpse photo comes from the archives of the Alf Engen Ski Museum in Park City, UT. Take a virtual tour of the museum’s collection by clicking here. The Mystery Glimpse feature posts a photo from one of the ski industry’s wonderful museums. Often these museums are located[Read More…]

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Jubilation at the vintage fashion show at the Hannes Schneider Meister Cup. Credit: Tamsin Venn

History Lives At Cranmore Mountain

Celebrating Hannes Schneider, A Pioneer Of Alpine Skiing In North America. Every year, the Hannes Schneider Meister Cup Race, sponsored by the New England Ski Museum and Cranmore Mountain, NH, celebrates the legacy of the venerable Austrian ski instructor. For 23 years, the Cup has drawn people to Cranmore from all over to race or just cruise on this low[Read More…]

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In Praise Of Ski-ing

In Praise Of Ski-ing

When this passage (below) from The Mountains of Youth (1925) by Arnold Lunn was published, “skiing” still had a hyphen and “ski” was both the singular and plural form. Lunn (1888-1974) invented downhill and slalom racing, introducing them when the sport was mostly jumping and nordic racing. Lunn was knighted in 1952 “. . . for services to British skiing.”[Read More…]

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Who, where, what? Credit: Colorado Snowsports Museum & Hall of Fame

Mystery Glimpse Returns: What’s Happening?

Guess What’s Going On, Submit Under Comments Below. Our popular Mystery Glimpse feature is returning after a summer respite. The basic idea is that we publish a photo of a person, place, or thing, and you guess who, where, or what. Most of these photos have been submitted to by some very excellent ski museums around the country. We[Read More…]

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The Kircher Studebaker dealership in Detroit in the early 1950s. The car on the left is clearly a ’50 or ’51 bullet nose model, even though only the back of the car shows here. Those are the only years this model was made.

My Search For Stein’s Studebaker

Having A Studebaker In Common With A Legend Prompts A Sherlockian Pursuit. Stein Eriksen bought a new Studebaker in April 1953. That much is certain. I’d like to know which model Stein bought, what happened to it, and if there is a photo of Stein with the car. Why? Because my father-in-law bought a Studebaker that same spring, and my[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: He Was The First

Mystery Glimpse: He Was The First

This Well-Dressed Athlete Was The First Of Many. Thanks to the Colorado Ski And Snowboard Museum for sending this picture along. We’re reaching deep here, dear readers, and if you can get this one, we will be really impressed.  Who is he and what did he do that gave him a place in ski history? Last Week This is a[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Who, Where, And What?

Mystery Glimpse: Who, Where, And What?

Here’s A Classic-Looking Skier In A Classic Pose. Looks like an instructor demonstrating to a kids’ class. Check the straps around his boots, and you will get a hint about the era depicted here. Don’t you love that turtleneck? No, parka, hmmm. Looks a little like California-stylin’.  That’s enough of a hint for this one. Who is he, where did[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: What’s The Story?

Mystery Glimpse: What’s The Story?

Dire Straits Require Heroic Acts. This week, a historic event for Mystery Glimpse.  Can you identify the characters involved in the above picture? What’s going on? Where are they headed? Why? And yes, they are skiing. Thanks to the New England Ski Museum, Franconia, NH, for hosting this jewel. Congratulations to NESM for opening its new branch in North Conway![Read More…]

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Billy Kidd, first American to medal in Alpine skiing, has lived in SBS since 1970. Here he is at 20.
Credit: TOP

Tread Of Pioneers: A Blast From the Past

Quaint Museum Reveals Steamboat Spring’s Rich History. In 1947 an AP dispatch to 1,000 daily papers dubbed Steamboat Springs, Colo., “Ski Town, USA” with the declaration that of its 1,700 residents, 1,685 were skiers. The others were children under the age of one. Enthusiasm for skiing run deeps in this town. And you can learn all about it at The[Read More…]

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Alf circa 1933
Credit: Alan Engen

How Wheaties Affected The 1936 Olympics

The Breakfast of Champions Kept Champion Ski Jumper Alf Engen From Competing. Legendary extreme athlete Alf Engen, known as the greatest all-around skier ever, was a champion soccer player, skier and ski jumper. During the 1930s, he set ski jumping world records. He helped design and establish more than 30 ski areas in the western United States. And he’s fondly[Read More…]

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The University of Utah’s ski team won the NCAA Championship, and the ski team members have high GPAs.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Coveted Honors Awarded At Ski History Gala

Rossignol’s Top Executive And The University Of Utah Ski Team Earned Top Honors. The country’s largest ski history and research organization, Ski Archives, held its annual gala and fundraiser to help support its mission. In addition, the event honors individuals and organizations that set a high mark for their influence on the ski industry. This year, Ron Steele, philanthropist and[Read More…]

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Flipping out at a 60s ski show.

Ski Show Retro Video Brings Back Memories

If You’ve Been Around The Ski Biz, You Will See Some Familiar Faces. Thanks to Cathie Judge for sending us this video commemorating the famous Harry Leonard Ski Shows, starting in the late 60s with lots of clips of several giants of the ski industry back in the day. Ski and Snow Board Show impresario and advisory board member[Read More…]

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Ski train unloads in North Conway, NH, circa 1946.
Credit: Dick Smith

The Ski Trains Return!

Car Free Means Care Free for Seniors. Remember ski trains? Back in the day, trains were the way to get away from the city and into the mountains. Denver skiers were thrilled last March when the ski train resumed service from Denver to Winter Park, CO, to help celebrate the ski area’s 75th birthday. Officials had ended the service in 2009[Read More…]

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New England Ski Museum Tells 3,000 Years Of Ski History

New England Ski Museum Tells 3,000 Years Of Ski History

From The Stone Age To Today. The tiny museum in Franconia, New Hampshire is located next to Cannon Mountain’s gondola base, and it’s a wonderland. Even before you enter, you’re intrigued by what you see just outside the door and you ask yourself: “What’s that thing?” The big red boxy thing is one of Cannon’s original tram cars from 1938.[Read More…]

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