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Alta's Intermediate Breakthrough program help people go from blues to blacks

“Intermediate Breakthrough – IB” at Alta, Utah

Hello readers, super great comments and questions on my “Secrets for Your Best Ski Season Ever” piece.  Also spoke with two readers in follow up.  I can sense everyone’s excited for this ski season – me too.  Shoot me your thoughts or questions and I’ll reply. Previously I mentioned my good friend (60+) who improved bigtime from only four group[Read More…]

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Secrets for Your Best Ski Season Ever

Secrets for Your Best Ski Season Ever

Over 11 seasons I’ve probably taught 500-600 kids and adults as a part-time instructor at Stratton/VT & Butternut/MA. “Never-evers”, experts, 4-yr olds to 80-yr olds. Me: flipping through trail names like a deck of cards, choosing the best run for the task at hand and my eager, anxious learner.  Here’s the huge thing I’ve learned: Anyone can become a better[Read More…]

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Kruckenhauser was a ski photographer as well as a pioneer of the Austrian technique.  This photo is by him.

A Brief History Of Skiing “Style”

Author’s Note : I owe much of the following to a close personal friend. This is wholly my interpretation of his observations, it does not necessarily reflect or deny his views. In France In the 1940s/50s France and Austria began competing for increasing skiing tourism. The rivalry was both commercial and political. Each wanted a national “product,” supposedly better than their[Read More…]

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When was the last time you took a lesson? Perhaps a mid-season lesson might boost your skill. Credit: Breckenridge

Take A Lesson And Improve 25 Percent?

That’s the simple question, would you like to improve your skiing and enjoy it more? [Please consider supporting with a donation. We appreciate your help. Click here.] Would you love skiing as much if you were a wedge skier?  Probably not.  What about a pretty good parallel skier, but anxious on the more challenging black diamond runs?  Maybe you’d[Read More…]

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Hannes Schneider brought "technique" to the US in early 30s.

Question For You: How Did You Learn?

Did How You Learn Help Or Hinder Your Current Technique? I remember taking couple of lessons when I started skiing in the mid-60s. Lessons were based on the snow-plow, stem christie, christie school.  Very Austrian. It served me well over the years I skied up to the time my Alpine career went on hiatus. When I came back to skiing[Read More…]

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Instructional Advice: Slow Start, Good Turns

Instructional Advice: Slow Start, Good Turns

Easy Does It And Find The Rhythm. If you look at Henrik Kristoffersen here in the blue Norwegian National Team uniform doing slow turns, you will see the value of mechanics at a basic level.    The important thing that I realized in watching Kristoffersen executing basic turn maneuvers at a very slow pace is that we all can work[Read More…]

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How about those smiles? 
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Should You Teach Your Munchkins To Ski?

[Editor Note: From time to time, re-publishes an article from its archive.  Here’s one from Harriet Wallis about teaching your grandkids to ski from way back in 2014. Comments welcome.] Five Non-Obvious Tips For Making Learning Fun For All. Because you love to ski or ride, you probably hope that your grandkids will also share your passion for the snow.[Read More…]

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Start early and bond with your instructor! 
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Should I Take An Early Season Lesson?

[Editor Note: From time to time, we’re going to dip into our extensive archives for a story that might be useful, interesting, or entertaining.  Here’s one from 2014 from correspondent Harriet Wallis.] Starting right sticks all season. My friend says the same thing every winter. She says wants to take a lesson as soon as there’s more snow on the[Read More…]

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Snow Sports Leaders: Earl Saline, National Ski Areas Association (NSAA)

Snow Sports Leaders: Earl Saline, National Ski Areas Association (NSAA)

Editor’s Note: With this article, begins a project of publishing interviews with snow sports leaders. We want our readers to learn more about the people who are influential in snow sports development and their views of the role of older participants in skiing, boarding and snow shoeing. Earl Saline, Director of Education Programming for the National Ski Areas Association[Read More…]

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Veteran Instructor and Advisory Board Member Seth Masia re-teaches seniors to ski at Vail.

Ski Younger Now: Retraining Program At Vail

Ski Younger Now is a retraining program for older skiers, and skiers returning to the sport after recovering from an injury. Developed by veteran instructor, Seth Masia (Seth is on the Advisory Board), Ski Younger Now teaches low-impact, low-torque techniques to enable efficient skiing in all kinds of terrain. The approach works for anyone recovering from an injury and[Read More…]

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