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Skiing Weatherman: Fast Movers

Skiing Weatherman: Fast Movers

In last week’s first installment of my weekly discussion, the Pac Northwest and northern Rockies were enjoying a parade of early season snow events while skiers and riders in the Midwest and East had to be content with tuning gear and digesting the state-by-state Covid restrictions rolling out recently. The storms have continued to hit the same general areas that[Read More…]

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Skiing Weatherman: Out Like  A Lion

Skiing Weatherman: Out Like A Lion

March Won’t Be Ending Spring-like. Although I had good intentions, I must confess that I did not get on the snow in the past week.  65 degree temperatures here in Rhode Island early this week didn’t help to inspire, for sure.  Much of the East has had a frustrating season, due to a lack of cold and snow, but the[Read More…]

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Lake Louise webcam reveals a dusting. More webcams can be found on
Credit: OpenSnow

Let There Be Snow: Early Signs Of White

There Is Indeed Snow In Those Hills, And It Is Still Summer! Our very favorite meteorological, snow forecast website is OpenSnow.  If you haven’t visited them, please do: It provides clear explanations about what is happening in the atmosphere and provides snow depth information for most ski hills in North America.  Definitely worth a bookmark in your browser. A recent posting[Read More…]

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OpenSnow Compared US and International Models
Credit: OpenSnow

Winter 2015 Forecast: Maybe Snow, Maybe Not

Handicapping 2014-2015 winter can lead to confident-sounding but wrong predictions. By now, you’ve noticed that the weather in the past few years has become a series of conversation-starting, concern-causing, head-scratching, question-asking phenomena.  Last winter was—as they say down east— a “hoser”.  In the Northeast, we had the most persistent, bitterly cold winter in memory.  According to the National Weather Service, New[Read More…]

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