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Ski resort version of Ground Hog Day? Is the moose trying to tell us something?

This Week In (Feb. 2)

Mid-Winter Is Here, Re-Discover Snowshoes, New Mystery Glimpse, Steamboat Museum,’s Own Poem, Tribute To Warren Miller. By Ground Hog’s Day, winter is half over. As we have noted before, you’d better have at least half your woodpile left.  At least that’s if the Ground Hog sees another six weeks of winter ahead.  It could be another six weeks of[Read More…]

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Modern: Light, durable, inexpensive

Lovin’ Snowshoes

‘Shoes Have Come A Long Way.  Have You Looked Lately? Back in 1971, when I transferred winter affections from downhill to Nordic skiing (due to a spectacular fall in Austria that racked up one knee and stripped off my ski suit—but that’s another story), I also tried snowshoeing. After all, cross-country skis and snowshoes were both made of wood and[Read More…]

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Snowshoeing a Mt. Snow where you can tour followed by a massage.
Credit: Mt. Snow

Seniors Snowshoe At Alpine Resorts

Snowshoeing—Fun, Easy, Safe—Steps Into Ski Country. Find Out Where. Not everyone who visits a ski resort wants to or is able to ski or snowboard, so resorts offer other activities. Among those options, guests can explore and enjoy the outdoors on snowshoes. These snowshoe outings at ski resorts range from guided naturalist tours to nearby destinations to athletic fitness treks[Read More…]

by March 29, 2016 2 comments Features

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