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NSP On Role Of Patrol Re: Speedsters

NSP On Role Of Patrol Re: Speedsters

A Reply From Meegan Moszynski, Executive Director, National Ski Patrol [Editor Note: On Oct 1, published an article by correspondent Roger Lohr recounting his hit-and-run collision that left him with a nagging back problem. Many readers responded to that article by citing their own on-hill incidents with speeding or out-of-control skiers/boards. The question emerged: Who is actually responsible for[Read More…]

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Blind-Sided And Body-Slammed

Blind-Sided And Body-Slammed

Is It Time To Address Ski Slope Collisions? How? [Editor Note: This summer, we published a little play about the speeding, out of control skier and what the ski patrol can do about it. You can read it here. Bottom line: It’s not their job, at least, that’s the party line. They are there to maintain the lines, help injured[Read More…]

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Have you ever looked uphill and seen this guy coming?
Credit: US Ski Team

Poll Results: Help Us Interpret This

What’s going on here? Poll results are in. A clear majority of respondents have never seen a ski patroller lift a ticket from a speeding skier. One out of five have seen that happen only once. Interestingly, early results from our Subscriber Survey 2016 suggest that speeding skiers are a problem for seniors.  Your thoughts?  

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