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The Top All-Mountain Skis of All Time

The Top All-Mountain Skis of All Time

Excerpted with permission from where the full article was published March 20, 2017. All-mountain skis — those that purport to do everything reasonably well – started appearing in the mid-90’s.  Following, listed roughly in order of their debut, are the iconic models that emerged since the term “all-mountain” came into common usage. My picks aren’t necessarily the most innovative[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

CALIFORNIA Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows received 25 inches over the holiday weekend. Wow, what a difference from last year. COLORADO In recognition of National Safety Month (January) Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) member resorts are hosting special safety-related programs and activities to raise awareness and demonstrate how to be safe on the slopes. Events include joining ski patrol on end-of-day patrol[Read More…]

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