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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

This edition of Short Swings! is dedicated to the many readers who generously donated during the fundraiser. The funds will help us continue to send you, free, original articles and other content created specifically for older snowsports participants. Thank you! —————————————————————————————————————————————- As in other areas of our culture, we older skiers become less and less visible as we age. You[Read More…]

Finding a Senior Ski Buddy / Part 2

Finding a Senior Ski Buddy / Part 2

Finding out about senior ski groups is like sharing tales around a campfire. A few words whet our interest and we sit on the edge of our seats waiting for more. As we build a list of senior ski groups, we have some exciting clues that really whet our interest, and we’re on the edge of our seats. So let’s throw another[Read More…]

Short Swings!

Short Swings!

[Editor Note: is asking our readers to contribute to support our online magazine. Yes, we have grown in the number of subscribers and advertisers. But our expenses have also grown. You can help us defray some of these expenses by helping us out with a donation.] Support by clicking here. ______________________________________________________ How many of you have taken a[Read More…]

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"Take some runs with us," say Howard and Naimi. Credit: Harriet Wallis

Skiing Single: Five Best Words To Hear On The Slope

Life Happens. We Get Older And Our Spouses Pass Away. That’s When We Ski Alone, Often Really Alone. This is a true story, and a sad story. It’s just one of many similar stories. It might sound like sour grapes, but the goal is to offer a perspective on what it’s like to ski as a widow. The story has[Read More…]

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Bob's pal, Nick Looser, baked two special cakes for the party at Alta.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

It’s Birthday Party Time at Alta.

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Skier Bob Turns 94! You might say that 94-year-old Bob Murdoch is a “senior’s senior” skier. He represents many skiers across the country who are skiing into their 90s and enjoying their mountain friendships as much as the slopes. Ski friends matter. Skiers gave Bob a birthday card that said: Count your age in how many friends[Read More…]

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Alta is all about open slopes and big vistas. Here is Big Dipper, a beautiful "blue" level run.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Alta, Skiers’ Paradise

It’s Vast Open Space And Powder. Alta is the granddaddy of powder skiing. It averages 500 inches of snow a year which earns it the nickname: Skiers’ Paradise. It has wide, wide open bowls with groomed trails, but everywhere you look slopes are left au natural and full of powder. That’s ample for most senior skiers. But it also has[Read More…]

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WOB clowning around at Alta circa 1970.

Buddy Up: Senior Ski Clubs Have More Fun

Alan Engen Recounts How Alta’s Wild Old Bunch has been meeting on the mountain since 1969. With the baby boomers now reaching retirement age, there is a growing population of senior age skiers on the slopes, some of whom are even active in competitive skiing activities. As a result, senior ski programs are becoming a significant part of many ski[Read More…]

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