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Wooly Bear caterpillar may predict snow. Then again, they may not.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Snowy Winter Ahead? Ask A Wooly Bear

Some Say It’s Folklore. Some Say It’s Real. Wooly Bear caterpillars are cool dudes. Their fuzzy bodies are black at both ends and orangish in the middle. Winter enthusiasts examine that orangish band to learn what the coming winter will bring. A narrow band predicts a cold winter with precipitation. A broad band foretells a warm winter. The bug’s celebrity[Read More…]

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OpenSnow Compared US and International Models
Credit: OpenSnow

Winter 2015 Forecast: Maybe Snow, Maybe Not

Handicapping 2014-2015 winter can lead to confident-sounding but wrong predictions. By now, you’ve noticed that the weather in the past few years has become a series of conversation-starting, concern-causing, head-scratching, question-asking phenomena.  Last winter was—as they say down east— a “hoser”.  In the Northeast, we had the most persistent, bitterly cold winter in memory.  According to the National Weather Service, New[Read More…]

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