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Dawn, Appleton Farms, Ipswich, MA. Credit: NSNA

Make More Tracks: A Personal Note At The End Of The Season

XC Has Grown In Participation. Hopefully, Make More Tracks Played A Role. The Make More Tracks Resource Guide and series of articles in each issues since October was conceived to provide readers of with information to expand their options in the winter of the pandemic. It was intended to provide info and perspectives about mostly XC skiing. As someone[Read More…]

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Nipika is totally off the grid.

Make More Tracks: Sustainable XC Ski Resorts

[Please consider supporting with a donation. We appreciate your help. Click here.] [Editor Note: This article first appeared in] Many cross country (XC) ski areas operate in an environmentally-friendly manner, and some of these operators, who are exemplars using the most sustainable practices, are models of sustainability in the effort to combat climate change. The operators at these[Read More…]

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Crested Butte Nordic Center attracting alpine skiers who can't get downhill reservations.

Make More Tracks: Cross Country Skiing is Booming Despite COVID

XC Is Hot And Getting Hotter. The Cross Country Ski Areas Association (CCSAA) has been conducting online sessions with its cross country (XC) ski area members since last spring, focused on sharing information about how XC operations should respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Discussions resulted in widespread adoption of plans aimed at minimizing risk of virus transmission for staff and[Read More…]

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Take a lesson from a pro. Here's balance practice. Credit: Weston Ski Track

Make More Tracks: Tips For Getting Started In XC Skiing

This Might Be The Season To Get On Skinny Skis. [Editor Note: This article first appeared in] Getting outdoors, going at your own pace, enjoying and sharing an outing with a friend or family member of any age, and getting some winter exercise are all good reasons for older folks to try XC skiing. You can have a purpose[Read More…]

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Roger Lohr

Editorial: Why Cross-Country Skiing?

[Editor Note: Roger Lohr is’s Nordic Editor and publisher of] The Older I Get, The More I Love Cross Country Skiing. I love the sensation of gliding on the snow through the forest, being outdoors in nature. I can smell the fragrance of the trees. I can hear the bubbling brook and the sound of a bird in[Read More…]

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Comfortable going along the river behind the Woodstock Inn. Credit:

Make More Tracks: Hidden Gems Of Nordic Skiing

[Editor Note: This article first appeared in] Less Known, Excellent XC Destinations To Explore. With torrent of people hitting the trails and the outdoors across the country, wanted to give a shout out to hidden gem destinations for cross country (XC) skiing this winter. There may very well be an overflow of skiers at the most popular XC[Read More…]

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XC resorts like  Great Glen Trails in NH offer groomed trails, lodge, instruction.

Make More Tracks: XC Boost Coming?

Is This A Surge Season For Nordic? Will the upcoming cross country (XC) season fulfill the hoped-for surge projected by many in the industry? The COVID pandemic has some projecting a coming boom similar to the bicycle industry, which saw such a surge of sales and activity last spring. The kids were not in school, people were looking to get[Read More…]

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Touring is Nordic is XC. Credit: Dynafit

Make More Tracks: What Has Covid Wrought For Nordic Skiing?

XC Skiing And Snowshoeing Are Perfect Forms Of Recreation For The Pandemic. Based on activity with walking and bicycling last spring, many people in the snowsports business are anticipating a surge in XC skiing and snowshoeing this winter. If alpine ski areas are restricted in ways that lead to excessive waiting such as the amount of time waiting to acquire[Read More…]

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Fat Biking At Nordic Ski Areas

Fat Biking At Nordic Ski Areas

Fat Biking Is A Combo Of XC and Cycling: What A Workout! Fat bikes, dubbed the “Hummers of the two-wheelers’ world” in the Wall Street Journal are proliferating where there are more than 150 cross country (XC) ski areas that have fat bikes available to use on snow covered trails. These specially-made bicycles that accommodate ultra-wide tires that can be[Read More…]

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Resort Review: Woodstock Inn, VT

Resort Review: Woodstock Inn, VT

The Venerable Inn Has Historic Roots In Ski History. The Woodstock Inn & Resort is one of Vermont’s true gems for travelers. It offers warm New England hospitality amidst an atmosphere of country elegance and year round recreation. Resort facilities include the new 10,000 square-foot Spa, the Resort’s Nordic Center, Suicide Six alpine ski area, the Resort’s Golf Club, and a 41,000[Read More…]

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Resort Review: Jackson, NH and The White Mountains

Resort Review: Jackson, NH and The White Mountains

The Hub Of The New England Nordic World Is In New Hampshire. We excitedly planned a weekend trip to Jackson, N.H., because it is a true Mecca for Nordic skiers. This is the quintessential New England Nordic (XC) skiing experience with the covered bridge, white steepled church, brookside trails, and the accompanying village with all of the trappings. Many of[Read More…]

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Who Needs XC Lessons?

Who Needs XC Lessons?

You Do. Take A Lesson From A Pro. The vast majority of cross country (XC) skiers do not take XC ski lessons, but rather they start with friends or family, who are usually not trained to teach XC skiing. So, who needs XC ski lessons? Most of us do! Starting with the basics, a XC ski instructor can help a[Read More…]

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Fun on snowshoes. Credit: Laura Rose/

Taking The Grandkids Snowshoeing

A Little Planning Goes A Long Way To Ensure A Positive Experience. On a winter trail outing near my home, I ran into a neighbor and her granddaughter on snowshoes – and it was not going well for them. The kid was whining and uncomfortable and she headed back home (nearby) by herself. Grandma kept going and since she is[Read More…]

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Dressing For Nordic

Dressing For Nordic

What To Wear: Ditch The Parka. Often on the cross country (XC) ski trails the clothes that many of the uninitiated wear are malfunctioning…that is, they are dressed for downhill skiing wearing insulated ski jackets and pants, alpine ski gloves or mittens, and ski goggles. XC skiing is a form of recreation that involves moving and thus lighter clothing is[Read More…]

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Take Advantage Of An XC Demo Day

Take Advantage Of An XC Demo Day

Try Before You Buy. Many XC ski areas conduct demo days to give skiers an opportunity to test drive the newest XC ski equipment. It’s a day when product suppliers’ branded tents and flags are flapping in the wind and company reps stand guard armed with knowledge of their wares.  You might participate in a demo because you have outdated[Read More…]

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Author Roger Lohr on Fischer Twin Skin Skis

New Gear For XC: Skin Skis

An Old Idea Updated With High Tech. The cross country ski waxless “skin” bases, use inserted mohair strips on the ski bottom, which are extremely effective for all temperatures and snow conditions. It is high performance waxless base technology for the classic skier, who prefers to use a waxless ski. The ski strips are like small climbing skins and they[Read More…]

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The Meccas Of Cross-Country Skiing

The Meccas Of Cross-Country Skiing

What Are The Vails and Aspens of XC? Ask the general public to name an alpine skiing “Mecca” — described as a location where people, who share a common interest, yearn to go — even those who don’t ski can come up with at least Aspen or Vail, if not Killington and Sun Valley. But mention the Gunflint Trail or[Read More…]

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Nordic Nibbles are happening across the country. Eat and lost weight.

Eat Your Way To Fitness

Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Food Events Offer Exercise And Gourmet Food. [Editor Note: This article first appeared in, published by Roger Lohr.] Want a guilt-free way to indulge yourself with food while exercising? Cross country (XC) skiing and snowshoeing are some of the best forms of aerobic exercise, but if you go on a “Gourmet Ski Tour” on[Read More…]

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Remembering Joe Pete Wilson

Remembering Joe Pete Wilson

An All Around Snow Sports Legend and Sportsman Moves On. Editor Note: This article first appeared in Joe Pete Wilson recently passed away at age 84. He will be remembered as a pioneer and endless promoter in the snow sports world.  Wilson hailed from Lake Placid, NY where he spent years as the innkeeper at the Bark Eater Inn[Read More…]

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Old expression worth heeding. "Nordic skiing is easy to do but even easier to do wrong."  Take a lesson.

Why Take An XC Ski Lesson?

[Many expenses for technicians, designers, and others are associated with delivering free each week and developing and publishing Subscriber-Only content. Please help by making a modest donation by clicking here.] A Lesson?  But It Looks So Easy. [Editor Note: This article first appeared in  Thanks to Publisher Roger Lohr for providing it to] The vast majority of[Read More…]

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Credit: Dawn Green

Top Reasons I Enjoy Being A Senior Nordic Skier

In Response To Last Week’s “Top Reasons I Enjoy Being A Senior Skier”, We Hear From A Nordic-Loving Senior. Editor Note: Roger Lohr is publisher of, a top guide and center for cross-country news and destination information. It seems the older I get, the more I enjoy Nordic (XC) skiing. It probably has something to do with being out[Read More…]

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Johannes Von Trapp: Climbing Every Mountain

Johannes Von Trapp: Climbing Every Mountain

Scion Of The Famous Family Is The Inventor Of The Modern X-C Center. [Editor Note: This article first appeared in  Our thanks to publisher Roger Lohr for allowing us to reproduce it here.] If there was an American Cross Country Ski Hall of Fame, Johannes von Trapp would be one of the surefire inductees. The famous story of the[Read More…]

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A 12 acre solar farm generates power for lifts, lodge and snowmaking.
Credit: Jiminy Peak

Jiminy Peak: How To Be A Sustainable Resort

This Almost 100% Renewable Energy Ski Resort Is A Pioneer In Harnessing Solar And Wind. [Editor Note: Thanks to Roger Lohr, publisher of, for steering this article our way.  It first appeared in in late July.] Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort located in the heart of the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts constructed a 2.3 megawatt community solar facility located[Read More…]

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Putting XC Skis Away

Putting XC Skis Away

Nine Steps For Maintaining Your XC Equipment. [Editor Note: thanks Roger Lohr of and Andy Gerlach of and StartSkiWax for this article.] The winter and snow cover are leaving us, so what do we do with your xc ski equipment? 1) Cleaning: Use wax remover and Fiber wipe, a chamois-like cloth, to clean the kick zone and[Read More…]

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