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Each issue of has a picture to help test your skiing knowledge. Generally, the pictures are from collections in a variety of participating ski museums, which we encourage readers to visit.

In the 1930s the hill pictured here was a popular New England ski location. The first reader to correctly identify its name and location will receive the new Licensed To Ski poster. Please email answers to [email protected].  

While several readers correctly identified the man in the picture as Junior Bounous, Terrell W. Smith of Salt Lake City was first. Terrell has been on skis 70 years. He raced in high school and  taught  at Alta when Junior headed Snowbird’s ski school. He says, “Skiing is cheaper than psychiatry,” a sentiment hard to disagree with. Junior is a celebrated deep powder skier and contributed to the sport’s development throughout the Intermountain West. He is 96 and still skiing. The picture came from the Utah Ski & Snowboard Archives, which preserves the history of skiing in Utah and the Intermountain region. The extensive collection contains thousands of digitized images of photographs and print materials, all of which can be accessed online.


  1. Filippo Pagano says:

    The answer
    Bromley Mountain Peru Vermont

  2. Filippo Pagano says:

    Bromley MT Peru Vermont

  3. Greg Zoll says:

    Gilberts Farm, Woodstock Vt

  4. Greg Zoll says:

    Sucide 6, South Pomfret, Vt

  5. I think this is The Gully – actually the backside of Suicide Six. The building houses the engine for the rope tow. Elizabeth “Muddy” Fisk owned the land, and allowed Bunny Bertram to put up the lift and operate the area. (This from the Special Commemorative Edition of the Vermont Standard, March 12, 2009, commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the first US ski tow in Woodstock, VT.)


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