Each issue of SeniorsSkiing.com has a picture to help test your skiing knowledge. The pictures are from collections in a variety of participating ski museums, which we encourage readers to visit.

Source: New Mexico Ski Museum and Sk Hall of Fame

The hairdo’s scream late 1960s. But these co-eds weren’t the only students of the man in the middle. He trained members of the US men’s and women’s Olympic ski teams and went on to write books on finding inner peace. What is his name and what is the name of the area where this picture was taken? One clue: it was submitted by the New Mexico Ski Museum and Ski Hall of Fame.

The first person to submit the correct answer to [email protected] wins a yet to be determined, but skiing-related prize. Note, only answers sent to that address will qualify.The correct answer and the name of the winner will appear in the next issue of SeniorsSkiing.com.

The winner of the last Test Your Skiing Knowledge is Jimme Quinn Ross of Stephentown, NY. He was the first of several readers to correctly identify the top terminal of the Lynx chairlift being helicoptered into place at Wildcat, NH. The Lynx chair was a Riblet double that opened in the winter of 1970-1971. Jimme’s prize is a container of Slide On, the compact spray that helps ski boots slide on effortlessly by forming a layer of dry lubrication. One can is a full year’s supply. Value: $12.95.


  1. Ernie Blake and Taos are my bet.

  2. Kevin Toolan says:

    Don’t really know who or where, but I think the lace up boots date this picture more early to mid 60’s. By the late 60’s leather buckle boots were the thing.

  3. George Brooks

  4. I have no Idea idea -but the boots –the bindings–the towers give some hint as to the date. The clothing must be from the future after we are finished with Global Warming!! Either that or we were much hardier skiers then. We now dress in layers of exotic fabric and down with battery pack heaters. Just how did we ski back in the 60’s and smile for the camera.

  5. Claire Bechan Norberg says:

    Ernie Blake, Taos also, from my research.

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