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Each issue of has a picture to help test your skiing knowledge. Generally, the pictures are from collections in a variety of participating ski museums, which we encourage readers to visit. Note: this picture is not from a ski museum.

Look closely and you’ll see that these dogs are towing a very large tire. It was not being sledded to an 18-wheeler stuck on the Interstate. But it was on its way to an extremely large, unusual and briefly famous snow vehicle from the late 1930s and early ‘40s. The first reader to correctly name the vehicle and the expedition it was part of will win an as-yet-to-be-determined, but useful, prize. Note: only answers sent to [email protected] will qualify. Please do not post your answer as a Comment.


Numerous readers sent in “Bronzey” as the name of the item pictured in the January 21 Test Your Skiing Knowledge. They were almost right. The correct brand name, submitted by Norm Morin of Winterport, Maine, was Ski Spree. The wax was made in the 1960s and 1970s by Ray Letarte in the kitchen of his Westbrook, Maine home. He poured the hot, melted, wax into muffin tins to cool, giving the wax its distinctive shape. It was sold primarily in New England with the slogan “Ski On Bronze”. Many readers remember it worked best on warm spring days with wet snow. Norm, who’s been on boards more than 60 years, mostly skis at Sugarloaf.

The picture comes from Made In Maine, an exhibit of the Maine Ski and Snowboard Museum.


  1. Ron Johnston says:

    Admiral. Byrd’s expedition.

  2. David Brennan says:

    nice feature. I would give it a like but I do not use FB

  3. Ray Letarte who owned a ski shop in Westbrook, Maine worked with Franklin Emery to produce the wax. Year later Frank could alway be counted on ott pull out a sample of the wax at any ski event he attended. He was inducted into the Maine Ski Hall of Fame in 2004.. Letarte should also be nominated. I still have piece of the wax in my Boot bag.
    Dave Irons,
    Westbrook, Maine

  4. The “Antarctic Snow Cruiser”. A very cool idea that just didn’t work too well.

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