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Each issue of has a picture to help test your skiing knowledge. Generally, the pictures are from collections in a variety of participating ski museums, which we encourage readers to visit. This image is from the Utah Ski & Snowboard Archives, which preserves the history of skiing in Utah and the Intermountain region. The extensive collection contains thousands of digitized images of photographs and print materials, all of which can be accessed online.

Source: Utah Ski and Snowboard Archives

This picture was taken in 1963 during Park City’s preseason ski school. The man on the right was a participating ski instructor. He went on to become one of Utah’s most celebrated skiers. Now a nonagenarian, he can still be spotted carving his way down the mountain. The first reader to correctly identify him will receive the new poster of ski-themed license plates. (Only answers sent to [email protected] will qualify).

Winner of February 4 Test Your Skiing Knowledge

Several readers correctly identified the object being transported by dog sled as a tire for the massive Antarctic Snow Cruiser, which was part of Admiral Byrd’s 1939-41 United States Antarctic Service Expedition. But the first reader to send the answer in was Rob Henning of Pittsburgh, Pa. Rob is a frequent denizen of Seven Springs Ski Resort and each season visits Big Sky in Montana. He enjoys chasing his 13-year-old son around the mountain. Congratulations, Rob. You’ll soon be receiving the new Licensed To Ski poster of ski-themed license plates.


  1. Junior Bonus. My hero.

  2. john silverman says:

    junior bounous

  3. Richard Kavey, MD says:

    Yup. Gotta be Junior

  4. That looks like Junior Bounous. I worked for him (part time seasonal) at Snowbird from 1972-1976.

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