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Each issue of will have a picture to help you test your skiing knowledge. The pictures are from collections in a variety of participating ski museums, which we encourage you to visit and to support. 

This image was submitted by The New England Ski Museum, a non-profit based in New Hampshire with locations at the base of the Cannon Mountain Tramway and in downtown North Conway. In addition to an extensive collection of objects, the museum issues a substantial publication with articles on ski history and content from museum exhibits. More about the museum and its most wonderful shop at,

The man in the picture is known to each of us but not in the context of skiing. If you can identify him, send me a note ([email protected]). For the person sending the first correct answer, we’ll purchase a membership in The New England Ski Museum. The correct answer and the name of the winner will appear in the next issue of


  1. Jordan Pauker says:

    Teddy Roosevelt?

  2. Hi Jon,
    Hmm, Teddy Roosevelt?

    PS – thanks for including my piece at the top of this great edition of!

    Best, John

  3. Ernest Hemingway?

  4. Clark Gable

  5. Kevin O'Connor says:

    Ernest Hemingway?

  6. General (then 2nd lieutenant) George Patton and Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee—only kidding!

    Real answer—-??Ulysses S. Grant??

  7. I really haven’t a clue!!

  8. Omar Sharif

  9. Richard Kavey says:

    Ernest Hemingway

  10. Hemingway? Maybe at Sun Valley.

  11. Dr. Gretchen Rous Besser says:

    Teddy Roosevelt, manspreading and mansplaining to an adoring aide, upslope from the hotel on top of Mt. Mansfield? Ponder the potential significance of her grasping his pole. With aplomb, no less.

  12. Arthur Sexauer says:

    To early for Stein Erickson?

  13. Charlie Chaplin

  14. Patti+Farkas says:

    Jerry Colonna – who else with that mustache??

    Patti Farkas in PA

  15. Joseph Stalin

  16. Sure looks like Teddy Roosevelt. But did people really ski during his lifetime?

  17. you guys are a bunch of comedians

  18. Sepp Ruschp

  19. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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