A total of 195 readers qualified as Trail Masters, reporting that the number of days they skied, boarded or snow shoed last season equaled or surpassed their number of years. 

Their ages average 67.6, and their number of days skied average 89.9. One-hundred-fifty-five respondents provided their names and contact details. Of those, 37 are women. Six are octagenarians.

At the end of each season, SeniorsSkiing.com asks readers if their number of skiing days equals or surpasses their number of years. Respondents fitting that requirement are named Trail Masters and receive an embroidered patch. 

The oldest Trail Master for the 2018-19 season is Fredi Jakob, 85. He lives in Carmichael, California and skied 87 days. Gerald Rehkugler, 84, Cortland, NY, skied 90 days. Gary Clarkson, 81, Pittsfield, Massachusetts skied 100 days. Bill Belk, 81, Driggs, Idaho skied 130 days. Roger Bourke, 80, Alta, Utah, skied 91 days. Michael Sharkey, 80, Waitsfield, Vermont, skied 84 days.

Sixty skiers in their 70s were named Trail Masters, as were 118 in their 60s, and 21 in their 50s. 

Reflecting SeniorsSkiing.com’s reader demographics, the majority of respondents are from the US, followed by Canada, Australia, and several European countries.

While SeniorsSkiing.com is oriented to the 50+ skier, boarder and snow shoer, the average reader age is 67. 

All Trail Masters since 2015-16 can be found by clicking “Features” on the menu bar.

Trail Master patches are expected to be mailed in October.


  1. First I’ve heard of this as a “movement”. Been doing it since age 65…now 70, skied 71 days last winter. Will need 71 this year. Where do I sign up?

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Hi Roger, We collect the information during our annual Spring Reader Survey. That said, email your address, and we’ll send send you the patch. We expect additional inquiries like yours and will wait a month or so before updating the list. Glad to have you aboard!!!! My email: [email protected]

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