Years ago, a fellow I knew in the fitness industry commented, “You don’t ski to get in shape. You get in shape to ski.”

I didn’t always agree, but as I’ve aged, I’ve realized that it really does require considerable training to prepare for the season.

This issue has some good advice from Pat McCloskey about similarities between mountain biking and skiing and how the former helps prepare for the latter.

Also included is a photo-essay offering excellent pre-season training advice that can be done on your own. It first appeared in last season’s Masterfit Buyer’s Guide. How do I know this is the right advice? For several months, now, I’ve been working with a trainer to help me get in shape for the season. All of the recommended exercises (plus a lot more) are in my 2-3 x a week routine.

Dave Chambers has written his account of skiing the Canadian Rockies with a few friends in the 2020-21 season. The Aussies have always been great travelers, and in this informative account, he and his mates crisscrossed the mountains enjoying seven different resorts in one trip.

I’ve come to appreciate the unique skiing experience as an occasional alternative to quotidian resort skiing. Frequent contributor, Jonathan Weisel, introduces us to the beauty of cross-country skiing in Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone Expeditions, which operates a small yurt village and provides 5-day guided trips and specialized photo trips, sounds like a fantastic ski experience.

And Herb Stevens, the Skiing Weatherman, provides a heads up on the weather and what to expect from it. Parts of the West are getting inundated. Let’s hope and pray that this is a good sign for the entire season…and the wildfire-mitigating snowpack.

Check out your skiing knowledge with this image submitted by the New Mexico Ski Hall of Fame and Ski Museum. While you’re there, learn who correctly identified Arthur Conan Doyle from the last Test Your Skiing Knowledge photo.

Finally, enjoy Jon’s ShortSwings! column. At the end of his sometimes quirky ski news roundup, there’s a link to a ski film shot more than a century ago. We rarely see jump turns like those anymore.


  1. How do I access these great articles? I am subscribed but I am missing the secret code. Thanks

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Larry, Forwarded your comment to our tech person but have not heard back. Try refreshing or changing your browser. At top of home page is a box offering the free subscription; click on it…no code (or cost) required. Jon

  2. I can’t get into this issue

  3. Hmmm… no links to do a deeper dive

  4. Ronald+Magray says:

    I spent 20 some years of my skiing history as a member of the National Ski Patrol system, (NSPS). An orthopedic physician friend gave me advise on Pre season training to help avoid leg injuries especially knees. To this day I still have all my body parts and am 85 , Unfortunately I have not skiied in 3 years, for other reasons, but still have my clothes, and who knowes??

  5. Lack of ankle strength & quads strength has been holding me back. Been running, doing squats.

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