We had an unfortunate reminder that “skiing is an inherently dangerous sport” with the untimely death of Ron LeMaster, ski writer/photographer and certified PSIA instructor. The 72-year-old was killed earlier this week after colliding with a snowboarder on Eldora Mountain (CO). May he rest in peace.

Like so many things in life, sometimes fortune is not on our side, even though we plan carefully and exercise caution. We need to remember to appreciate what we have when we have it.

There’s a lot to read and see in this issue.

  • The Short Swings! column makes a statement about the proliferation of redundant promotional ski videos.
  • Skiing Weatherman, Herb Stevens, has encouraging news that snow is on the way!
  • Dreaming of skiing the Dolomites? An account, updated to reflect changes since it was published two years ago, will fire your imagination.
  • Don Burch shares with us another delicious short video titled, “Calling Me.”
  • Jon has been collecting photos of ski-oriented vanity license plates. Hope you enjoy them and send in some photos of ski plates you spot in the lot.
  • Jonathan Wiesel writes about Latigo Ranch, a high-elevation cross-country skiing paradise in northern Colorado.
  • Executing a proper turn is explained in a short article by British ski coach and writer, Bob Trueman.
  • And Pat McCloskey introduces us to The Fall Line with Chaos and Company, a PSIA podcast filled with good advice.

Finally, please take a peek at the photo in Test Your Skiing Knowledge. If you think you know the answer, submit it through [email protected]. The first one with the correct answer will receive a can of Slide On, the compact spray that helps stockinged foot slip effortlessly into boot.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes for a safe and enjoyable season.


  1. jeff+Weiler says:

    Note that Alta and Deer Valley don’t have snow boarders.

  2. Brad Huggins says:

    I only ski and have to say that being out of control on the mountain is not limited to snowboarders. Happened to me at the end of the day last year at the Canyons side of PCM.
    By the grace of God, I didn’t run over a ski instructor or two young kids in her group.
    I apologized profusely after, she was very gracious, and I learned a lesson (again) about not pushing myself at the end of the day.
    I don’t think I will ever come off that mountain that way again.

  3. Brad- Well said. I’ve become a stickler of ‘if I feel like mayyyybe one more run?!?’ at the end of the day, I don’t do it. I’m not 30 anymore, and skiing 6-8 hours is not in the itinerary at this point. When my legs are tired, I have to listen! 🙂
    Glad you and the other skiers were okay. May we all have fine days on the slopes this year.

  4. This is terrible news. Reckless sliding is not limited to snowboarders, skiers are also at fault. National Ski Patrol will not police dangerous sliders. Only professional patrol at major resorts who are usually deputized. Reckless skiing should be treated the same as reckless driving. Drunk and drug addled skiers add to the problem but selling booze is a significant profit center that no area will touch. We remember the Sunday v Stratton series of decisions from years ago and there’s still no improvement. Ron LeMaster was one of the greatest in analyzing and publishing ski technique utilizing motor drive photographs. A technique he learned from Olle Larsson who pioneered the field with an assist from Joubert who he studied with.

  5. It has been a difficult start to the season. There also was a fatal accident last Saturday at Sipapu Ski Ara in New Mexico, in which a snowboarder hit a tree and did not survive. I do not know any further details.

  6. Arthur Sexauer says:

    MRG in the East also has no boarders!

  7. My friend was hit twice by out of control borders while teaching lessons. She woke up both times after surgery! I was hit by an out of control ‘tired’ downhill skier. The result: Serious life altering forever injuries. We ski instructors see it all the time. Please slow down. Take it easy. Ski in control!

  8. Until resorts resume patrolling their slopes it will only get worse. I remember when Alta had signs on the lift standards that read No Fast Skiing, No Jumping, and they enforced it. Nowadays fast skiing and jumping are the norm, and you never even see a ski patroller. And alcohol sales at on-slope bars continues. So keep eyes in back of your head, I guess, or ski the backcountry.

  9. Was the boarder caught and arrested for involuntary manslaughter?

    He or she should be in JAIL.

    Lets get serious about this stuff.

    I bet no ski area has the guts to prosecute these CRIMES.

  10. The Alliance For Skier & Rider Responsibility, Inc., expresses deepest sympathy to the family of Ron LeMaster, who was killed in a collision on the slopes at Eldora Mountain Resort on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. He was a respected educator, coach, and beloved friend to countless members of the snowsports’ community in Colorado and across the United States. This is the second fatality resulting from a collision on the slopes at Eldora ski area in 2021. The Alliance is hopeful that Mr. LeMaster’s untimely and tragic death will be a wakeup call to the greater snowsports industry that an intensified and collaborative approach must be initiated immediately to educate every snowboarder and skier of every age about safe practices on the snow, so we can all enjoy our sport without fear of life-altering injuries or, worse, death.

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