This is being written from Salt Lake City, the day after 20” fell at Snowbird. It’s almost at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon and just a short distance from Park City, where the total was 10”. Compare that to Mammoth Mountain in California’s Sierra range… 44” in 72 hours!

Jon’s Short Swings! column is a bit self-confessional this time, speaking to the factors that help us age gracefully. As usual, it also reports on industry news and recent curiosities. The link to a history of how snowball fights have been shown in art shouldn’t be missed.

Herb Stevens, the Skiing Weatherman, reports on winners and losers in the most recent storm cycles. His articles are always good reading.

We really should appreciate our ski buddies because, as we age, they become like hen’s teeth. Harriet Wallis advises how to find others with whom to ski.

Longtime ski instructor, John Gelb, addresses a common and often undiscussed issue among skiers of all ages: fear. He offers good guidance on conquering what he calls, the Fear Monkey.

Contributor Pat McCloskey, who is accustomed to skiing in his home state of Pennsylvania, explains how to use smaller mountains to hone skiing skills for trips to bigger terrain. Pat has skied them all and offers readers excellent counsel.

XC editor, Roger Lohr, presents 10 places around the country where XC beginners can learn the basics.

The winner of our last Test Your Skiing Knowledge feature is presented along with the new challenge. Remember, first correct answer mailed to [email protected] wins the prize.

And, thanks to the contributions from numerous readers, the ski-oriented vanity license plate photo gallery has expanded.

Enjoy the issue. Have a great Holiday Season. Next issue: January 7.


  1. Jon, I forgot, you’re out there enjoying the pow!! Saw many pics yesterday from Snowbird on my Instagram feed – ENJOY! Best John

  2. Howard Vipler says:

    So glad you made it out to SLC since I saw you in NY. Ski season in Denver, our new digs, is off to a very slow start but had a good day at Keystone this week. Mostly only greens open, with a few blues thrown in, but good enough for first day of season to get the legs in shape. Crazy winds this week kept us from Skiing Beaver Creek the second day, with all the lifts shut down in the morning. Hopefully our paths will cross soon.
    All the best…

  3. Jordan Pauker says:

    Love this site, the shared, life-long passion for skiing. It’s like connecting with old friends who you’ve actually never known.

  4. Jon, today, Dec 31, while making coffee here in Berkshires, a notification from Snowbird appeared on my phone: 24” of new snow in 24 hours!

    You’re one lucky guy right now – have fun and don’t choke out there!!

  5. Jon, glad to know you’re back in the Rockies and getting snow (albeit not yet the feet-per-day of the Sierra). Please share with Montana!

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