Unfortunately, Covid continues to impact our lives…even on the hill. Jon’s Short Swings! column explores the different ways two neighboring Utah ski areas – Park City Mountain Resort and Alta – are handling Covid. He also describes the time he was banned from a ski area in the 1970s. Don’t miss the link to an informative critique of the trails constructed specifically for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

Skiing Weatherman, Herb Stevens, has another clear-headed report on what’s happening, weatherwise, throughout ski country.

In her debut piece for SeniorsSkiing, Cynthia F. Jones explains the joys of skiing after a 30-year absence and her contentment with staying on the greens. It’s a fun read.

Veteran ski writer, Karen Lorentz reports on new lifts and other infrastructure improvements at Okemo. You’ll find her in the photo of the first people to ride one of the new chairs.

A piece by Jon on managing flat light while skiing has been updated from when it first appeared several years ago in Huffington Post .

Don Burch’s newest video production, December Skiing, is a gentle and beautiful visual summary of the month. His soft touch is a welcome contrast at this time of the fast-paced ski video.

Taking a cross-country ski vacation? Roger Lohr, SeniorsSkiing.com’s X-C ski editor, recommends four locations for the classic New England experience.

Seth Masia, editor of Skiing History Magazine, summarizes that publication’s most recent issue. Skiing History, produced by the International Skiing History Association (ISHA), is a consistently good read and well worth the modest cost of ISHA membership. Free digital copies are available by clicking on the adjacent ISHA advertisement.

Finally, try guessing the name of the short-lived New England ski area pictured in Test Your Skiing Knowledge. No one correctly identified the ski instructor pictured in the last issue. Read about his interesting background. And the latest reader-submitted crop of ski-oriented license plates is shown in LUV2SKI.

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