The season’s beginning to wind down. Area closing dates have been arriving by email, and wherever I look here in Salt Lake City, flowers are springing from the ground and golfers are swinging away on the fairways. For skiers it’s a bittersweet time of year. Patches of brown on the slopes signal it’s coming to an end. But there’re always plans and visions for the coming season. April 15 will be our final full issue for the 2021-22 season.

Short Swings! has some surprises in store. Herb Stevens’ weather report mixes good news and less than good news for the coming weeks.

Jon describes an upcoming guided ebike tour of the Umbria region of Italy. The electric-assisted bikes will carry the small group through gorgeous countryside as they visit wineries, ancient villages, and luxurious small hotels.

Dave Irons draws on his rich experience heading patrol at Sunday Mountain to share thoughts on why some skiers are, literally, out of control, and what can be done to reduce this growing problem.

Tamsin Venn explores Park City’s minimg history and how, in the early days of the resort, subways delivered skier to the slopes.

Mike Roth illustrates a reader’s 1982 experience in Tuckerman Ravine, and Don Burch presents his newest; a video account of his recent visit to several Colorado resorts. His take on the ski video is entertaining and refreshing.

Be sure to check out Test Your Skiing Knowledge and the answer to last issue’s challenge. And visit the growing LUV2SKI vanity license plate gallery.

Enjoy the issue. Enjoy these last weeks of skiing. See you again on April 15.


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