I remember a Spring weekend in the early 70’s when I skied my butt off at Mt Mansfield, drove back to Manhattan, showered, changed into business clothes, and hopped on a flight to Atlanta for an early Monday morning meeting. It was the last trip of the season, and before I hit the highway, I walked down to a rushing stream. A round stone near the edge caught my attention: it had the features of a face. The water was shockingly cold as I grabbed my prize. Throughout the rest of my career, that stone had a place on every desk I occupied. Packed away for the past several years, it just resurfaced. Funny, how a simple stone can stimulate a great ski memory 50 years later.

This SeniorsSkiing edition is the last of the season. It has a full roster of interesting, useful, and entertaining content.

Short Swings! mentions some inspiring people, including a 75- year-old who started skiing when she was 70, and a 30-year-old blind heli-guide taking other visually impaired skiers into the back country.

Herb Stevens delivers the good weather news (Pacific Northwest, Rockies, Upper Great Lakes) and the less than good (you guessed it, New England) with great clarity and a touch of humor.

Tamsin Venn paints a nice word picture of spring skiing in New Hampshire.

Roger Lohr, our Nordic Editor, explains what the ski industry is and is not doing to address climate change.

Marc Liebman ruminates on making the perfect turn on the last run of the season. We’ve run this piece in the past and think it’s ideal for this issue.

Don Burch has two entries: one offering solid advice on getting gear and clothing clean and ready for next season (this, too, has run in the past); the other, one of his refreshingly unique ski videos…this time enhanced to reflect its title, Funkadelic Skiing.

Mike Roth has captured virtually every aspect of Spring skiing ritual in a single cartoon….Congratulations Mike!

And Seth Masia presents the contents of the upcoming issue of Skiing History Magazine. It is a must-subscribe publication for anyone interested in the history of skiing,

The winner of the April 1, Test Your Skiing Knowledge challenge is revealed, as is the correct answer. And a few new ski-oriented license plates are in the gallery,

Enjoy the turns. Enjoy your Summer activities. Stay fit and healthy. 2022-23 is just around the corner.

Sunny break at Alta

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  1. Bruce Douglas says:

    Iam 75 yrs young. Been skiing 70 yrs. Resort,backcountry and mountaineering. Love to impart any info, people might be interested in.

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