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This week you’re in for a treat.

Jon’s Short Swings! column carries a link to an interview with him in The Storm Skiing Podcast, one of the fastest growing ski podcasts in North America.

Herb Stevens, The Skiing Weatherman, has a lot to comment on recent weather events favoring the Middle Atlantic and Northeastern states.

John Gelb addresses a skiing menace putting all of us at risk: dangerous. reckless skiers and what can be done to avoid and, hopefully, stop them.

Harriet Wallis has done a superb job pulling together reader and other input about ski groups where older skiers can meet up with others to take some runs.

With a tongue in cheek title, Don Burch captures the cold, windy nature of Eastern skiing with his newest short video: Breezy Days Skiing the Ice Coast.

Mike Roth brings a reader’s story to life with one of his highly descriptive and amusing cartoon illustrations.

And Jonathan Weisel gives a first-rate description of the work of the Cross Country Ski Areas Association and how it is improving XC skiing for its growing body of participants.

Finally, see if you can come up with the correct answer to this issue’s Test Your Skiing Knowledge feature and enjoy the newest additions to SeniorsSkiing’s growing collection of ski-themed license plates.

Enjoy the Beijing Winter Olympics!


  1. Carl Kooyoomjian says:

    What equipment changes should I consider to continue skiing into my 80’s and beyond. Now 75

  2. Carl Kooyoomjian says:

    What equipment changes should I make to continue skiing into my 80’s and beyond?

  3. Just listened to Jon’s interview with Stuart Winchester on The Storm King podcast. Nice job Jon. I appreciate your candid responses on several of our key issues for senior skiers – safety, costs, equipment mods, group contacts, etc Kudos on this site and newsletters as well!!. I skied Wolf Creek this season with a 70+ friend from Winston Salem (whom I met 6 years ago on a lift in Colorado!!!). He and I get together each winter for a ski trip. We have wives who no longer ski, so it works out great for us.

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      John, Thanks for the nice comment on The Storm Skiing Journal and Podcast interview. Making a longtime ski friend from a chance encounter on the lift is great. I wish the same for other senior skiers. Jon

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