Welcome back, fellow Senior Skiers!!! This is the first issue of SeniorsSkiing.com for the 2021-22 season. As usual, there’s a lot of original content.

Ski instructor and contributor John Gelb offers excellent advice about taking lessons at the beginning of the season. Day 1: ski around and take notes on what you want to strengthen or improve. Day 2: Have your instructor focus on what you observed in Day 1.

Planning a X-C ski holiday? Jonathan Weisel, longtime writer, X-C area designer, and area operator, explains what to look for and where to go for the best X-C skiing vacation.

Gary Henderson

If you’re looking for an exotic Alpine skiing experience, consider the skifields of New Zealand. New contributor, Gary Henderson is a member of the Tukino Ski Club on Mt Ruapehu, where prices are reasonable, getting there takes some effort, and everyone pitches in with the chores. It sounds delightfully anachronistic.



In the August Reader Survey, 37%+ of the 3000+ respondents, indicated they intended to purchase skis in the next two years. There are some great choices for older skiers and some excellent information on what to look for in a ski that will perform well without tiring the skier.

Credit: Don Burch

Many of you have commented on Don Burch’s ski art and artistic ski videos. Don’s delightful video recap of his 2020-21 season may whet your appetite for the coming season.

mystery picture

Test Your Skiing Knowledge sources images and objects from ski museums and asks readers to submit their best guesses. It’s our way of promoting membership and visitation to ski museums. We’ll purchase a one-year membership to the New England Ski Museum for the first person to identify the man pictured in the feature.

Skiing History magazine: Sept-Oct 2021

The Fall issue of Skiing History magazine is summarized by contributor and SeniorsSkiing.com Advisory Council member, Seth Masia. Skiing History is a must-read for anyone interested in the subject. The new issue features an article on ski songs going back to the 19th Century, complete with YouTube links to actual performances!

As usual, Jon’s Short Swings! column is filled with interesting tidbits from around the industry. There’s a weird video compilation of modern individual flying machines – maybe they’ll eventually replace ski lifts.

Signs of hope for a productive season: It’s been snowing at higher elevations in the West, and ice has formed at the top of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington.


  1. Thanks for yet another season of SeniorsSkiing.

  2. I’m 77 skiing all my life and I’m planning my winter skiing this season. Obviously, I’m on the budget. Where can I find a list of the ski areas where seniors can ski free or for really discounted prices?
    I think such a list will be very handy!

  3. Andre,
    Where do you live? What part of the country would be your main skiing environment? It’s a big country, but I’ll help if I’m able!

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