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We are starting our seventh publishing year this October.  Frankly, we never thought we’d go this long. After all, how many seniors who like to play in the snow would be interested in an online magazine? Well, it turns out lots.  We have almost 17,000 readers, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning. We are extremely grateful for the ongoing readership and for your support through the years.

After thinking about what was next for SeniorsSkiing.com, we realized a kind of epiphany, if you will, that we had convened a community of senior snow sport lovers around this weekly magazine. This is a community, we have learned through our surveys, that really would like to connect to one another. So, we started our Question For You series as a way for our readers to react to important or provocative questions about their winter experiences.  Sometimes, those questions have hit a nerve, like when we asked you to tell us about accidents on ski trails and what to do about it.

Next week, we’ll be launching our new Classified Ad section, an initiative that will provide another way for the readership community to connect. Readers will be able post ads in a variety of categories from used Alpine and Nordic equipment to collectibles and antiques to requests for ski buddies and ride sharing. We have worked hard to make this a simple, inexpensive process, making it easy on those who are even a little technically challenged.  You’ll be able to post items for sale, upload pictures, describe items and terms of shipping, etc., all in a simple form. And, payment is via a secure app that takes your credit card.  Yes, it is inexpensive: You can post one week ad for $10 to 10 weeks for $50. And, to get the Classifieds rolling,  we’ll be announcing an introductory offer next week where you can post an ad for $1 for 30 days.

Here is a high level view of categories you can post to.  These will be broken down by region as well:

  • Alpine Equipment For Sale
  • Nordic Equipment For Sale
  • Accessories For Sale
  • Non-Winter Sport Gear For Sale
  • Guide and Instructor Services
  • Seasonal/Weekly Rentals By Agent and By Owner
  • In Search Of
  • Looking For Ski Buddies/Ride Shares
  • Ski Club Trips Open To SeniorsSkiing.com Readers
  • Vintage Equipment, Antiques, Collectibles For Sale

As with all online transactions, please use common sense and caution using our Classifieds.  When you post your ad, read our Terms for Participation.

Look for our announcements coming next week about where to find the Classified menu and how to post an ad.

This Week

We take a closer look at the equipment market this year with a review of 2021 MasterFit Buying Guide.  It is filled with articles with advice on how to buy skis, boots, children’s gear, and other helpful topics. Click Here to read a review.

We ask two Questions For You this week.  How are you personally going to change your habit this upcoming season, given the restrictions and constraints facing ski resort customers? and What’s your experience with CBD, the cannibis derivative that claims to mitigate pain and relieve a wide variety of physical ailments? Click Here for the Change question and Click Here for the CBD question.

Nordic editor Roger Lohr explore the impact of the virus on the cross-country market.  The ski industry is looking at a potential boost in Nordic skiing and other snow sports besides Alpine skiing.  It’s an interesting fall-on effect from the virus that might be the best thing to happen to XC since Jessie Diggins and Kikkan Randall won gold in Pyeongchang at the 2018 Winter Games. Click Here.

Sunday River, mid-October.

Our Snow In Literature series has a poem about October by Robert Frost.  It’s not about snow or skiing, but it does fit the season.  And we love Robert Frost so here it is.  Click Here.

Finally, now it the usual start of the get-fit-for winter sports season. Even though many readers report they’ve been working out all spring and summer, it’s wise to take stock of where you are physically and to come up with a fitness plan for the next few months.  Here’s is an article reprised from 2014 about maintaining muscle mass as you age that might get you in the spirit. Click Here.

Thanks for reading SeniorsSkiing.com. Please tell your friends.  Remember there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.




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