Tell Us About Your Season, Pondering The Last Turn, Mystery Horse, Snowbasin Report, E-Biking Coming Up.

Signs of the season winding down include ads and promotions for next year’s season passes. The time is now to get the bargains. One development to note is that Arapahoe Basin COO Al Henceroth said that the resort is ending its 22-year relationship with Vail and the Epic Pass. Reason: Crowded slopes and packed parking lots. A-Basin will also not be joining IKON as an option, nope, no way. The only way to get unlimited skiing at the venerable resort is to buy a $399 A-Basin-only pass.  Unintended consequences, friends, are catching up to what some might call an “oversold” market. Anyone been up Little Cottonwood Canyon on a Saturday morning in the last few weeks? How’s that parking situation working out for ya?

Another sign of the season ending is some stock-taking of what 2018-19 has meant for you.  For us, we didn’t get as much skiing in as we’d planned, nor did it snow enough in the Boston area to really do extensive xc-skiing in local conservation land and parks. Poor planning, low snow. But the good news for us is we spent quality time with good friends, met new ones, explored new places, and know where to get started next year.

How Was Your Season?

How about you?  How was your season?  What were the highlights? The lowlights? The bad news? The good news? Happy with your IKON/Epic? Unhappy with too many people in your space on the lift line? Did you invite your grandkids to come ski with you? Did you try a new area? Did you learn something new? Did you stop doing something you used to do? Write your summary of the year in the Comments section below, and we can all get a sense of how the community made it through this incredible snow year.  Yes, sure, we know there are still lots and lots of you skiing out West. How’s that extra long season treating you guys? Let us know.

This Week

Speaking of winding down, Marc Liebman offers a thoughtful piece on his Last Perfect Turn, a conspicuous part of everyone’s last run of the season. Our Mystery Glimpse offers a picture of skijoring somewhere out West.  Can you guess what’s up? Tamsin Venn visits Snowbasin and, unlike the crowds at A-Basin, finds lots of room to swing as well as beautiful views. Finally, Pat McCloskey looks ahead to non-snow activities with an interesting introduction to e-bikes. As someone who has pedaled many a mile on road bikes in charity events and cross-country rides, the very idea of an assist-pedal bike was anathema. Now we are not so sure.  Looks pretty interesting.

Next week will be our final weekly edition until next fall. We will continue to publish monthly through the non-snow months. Coming soon will be our 2019 Spring Survey.  Watch for it.  We promise it will be short and sweet, and the information we gather really helps us steer

Once again, please tell your friends about us. Remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.

Credit: Alf Engen Museum


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