Looking Back, Mystery Glimpse, Spring XC Skiing, Riding With The Cats.

Spring in Appleton Farms, Ipswich, MA. Credit: Mike Maginn

It’s hard not to get a bit philosophical at the end of a season. And yes, we know that there are those who are still finding newly fallen snow out there, but we are done. Highlights for us: We re-discovered our interest in ski history, launching the Mystery Glimpse series this year with the cooperation and contributions of many fantastic ski museums around the country. And re-publishing Ray Conrad’s collection of ski songs from the 60s, a technical challenge, but we hope it is worth it for our readers.

We managed to become comfortable with our emerging carved turn, not yet there, but closer than before. We also realized that skiing on broad, green trails was perfect for us, even skiing the same damn trail all day long was okay.  Such is the lesson from listening to your body. We have new-found Alpine skiing enjoyment by approaching the hills with a whole new mindset. In a nutshell: Slow, poised and in control.

We also revived much appreciation for the joys of cross country skiing and the pleasure it brings on a beautiful, blue-sky, brilliantly cold day with new fallen snow. Nothing can beat the silence of the woods with the only sound your breath and perhaps your heart beating in your ears. Stopping and listening. Even better in your knickers and on your wooden skis. Perhaps a can of beer in your knapsack. Good for what ails you.

We loved mid-week discounts for seniors are major resorts, we loved the empty lift lines, the pleasant cashiers in the cafeteria, the pretzels in the bar apres-ski, the hot tubs at hotels.  And of course, the snow that finally showed up in earnest here in New England just a month or so ago.

As we said, there is still skiing out there, some of the best we are told. But now, we find ourselves heading to the boat store for bottom paint and sandpaper. Weekends have suddenly become nautically oriented. Happy Spring.

Please BOLO For Our Spring Survey. COMING SOON.

Our survey will be heading your way very shortly. We’ve had impressive response rates in our past surveys, and we really hope our readers respond like that again.  This time, we’re trying to pin down the role grandparents have in introducing snow sports to their grandkids. We’re also trying to find this year’s collection of Trail Master, those skiers who have skied the equivalent of their age in days. We know you are out there.




Mysterious Pics

In February, we found a curious set of pictures on the walls at the Mittersill Mountain Inn in Franconia, NH, an iconic, venerable hotel with roots going back the the 40s. The staff did not know the provenance, but these are so idiosyncratic and distinctive, we thought one of our readers might know where these came from.  Of the dozen or so, here is a sample:

Exquisite, aren’t they?  Anyone know the story behind these?

This Week

We reveal the identity of the Mystery Glimpse ski train, its history, and its recent fate.  And we introduce another ski hero we bet very few people will know but should.  Check it out there.

We hear from our cross-country ski editor Roger Lohr, who also publishes XCSkiResorts.com, on spring XC skiing.  It’s out there, and it is glorious. Yvette Cardozo, our correspondent in the Northwest, managed to get herself booked on a ride in a grooming cat at Sun Peaks Resort, BC. She has a really interesting report on how they do it and what it’s like to be on a massive steep in a boxed-in machine.


Thanks for reading SeniorsSkiing.com. Remember there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away.

Enjoy Spring Skiing when you can.




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