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And, poof, it’s almost May. For most of us, the ski season is behind us, and this is our last regular snow season edition. This week, we close our season-long celebration of our fifth publishing year with boundless gratitude that we were able to come so far. has hit a sweet spot in providing a forum for older folks, many of whom have been pursing snow sports for a half-century or more. The only forum, we hasten to add. You know the role you, our readers, have played and are playing in making skiing and other winter snow sports a regular past-time for yourself and your family. We believe the industry is finally beginning to recognize that we bring more to these sports than our enthusiasm

At a recent presentation, Kelly Pawlak, the new NSAA (National Ski Areas Association) president, mentioned the role seniors have in bringing family members, especially grandchildren into the sport. We’ll call that a beachhead in the consciousness of the ski and snow sport industry. Clearly, progress has been made.

All of this cannot have been possible without the contributions of our stalwart correspondents. The people who write for are long-time industry veterans, some of whom are or have been professional journalists and are members of the North American Snowsports Journalists Association and others are long-time skiers who love to write and have a message for our demographic in one way or another. Note that most of these contributors have been writing for since we started.

We simply could not bring you without their contributions. Our thanks to our wide-spread regulars:

  • Harriet Wallis, Utah
  • Marc Liebman, Texas
  • Pat McCloskey, Pennsylvania
  • Don Burch, Massachusetts
  • Tamsin Venn, Massachusetts
  • Yvette Cardozo, Washington
  • Jan Brunvand, Utah
  • Bob Nesoff, New Jersey
  • John Nelson, Washington
  • Roger Lohr, (Cross-Country Editor) New Hampshire
  • Wendy Clinch, Vermont
  • Joan Wallen, New Hampshire
  • Janet Franz, Vermont
  • Mike Roth, New York
  • Casey Earle, Santiago, Chile
  • Jonathan Wiesel, Montana

In addition to our regular correspondents, a number of readers have offered articles. This is the first year we have so many pieces come “over the transom” from our readership. We hope other readers feel motivated to offer a contribution next year,

Readers who contributed articles last year are:

  • David Bairns
  • Peter Schmaus, MD
  • Bill Widman
  • Ted Levy
  • Hiller Hardie
  • John Blagys

Since we started publishing five years ago, we have accumulated 1,073 articles which now reside in our archives and are accessible to you. That’s roughly 200 articles a year since we began.

This Week

Our final Mystery Glimpse of the season reveals the identity of the ski-joring-jumping character from last week. We also highlight a few of our most popular photos from the feature. Mystery Glimpse is made possible by contributions from ski museums throughout North America. This museums hold the history of our winter sports and are worth a visit, a donation, and your support.

We reprise Don Burch’s article on putting away your gear for the season. Give your equipment a little TLC, and it will be good to you next season.

Spring Subscriber Survey Coming

Be on the lookout for our Spring Subscriber Survey coming your way in a week or two. We’ve been conducting surveys of our readership from the very beginning, and the information we gather is extremely valuable in shaping our mission. Thank you in advance for offering your input. will be publishing on a monthly basis starting in May. Look for articles on non-snow sports, skiing in South America and Oceania, curious people and places, and developments in snowsports.

And remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away. On to year six!


  1. Jack Murray says:

    Great job!

  2. Dan Luneau says:

    It is the bitter sweet time of the year
    , my skis are in the shop in preparation for the coming season. Just had my bike tuned to help keep my legs and heart up to speed. I will think of next season often during the summer and fall. I will miss senior skiing. You folks have done an excellent job. Have you given any thought off creating an off season edition? There are many topics I can think of that senior skiers cross over to that keep us in ski county in the off season. Biking, hiking, canoeing and camping to name a few. It would be great if we could get you to cover these activities with a skiers perspective blended in.

  3. Jim Cermenaro says:

    Great website!
    Thank you for all of the information and memories you provide.
    Best wishes for season six!

  4. Dr Harold Mac Murren says:

    I love you guys and will miss you until next season(happy sixth season)…..I can’t wait to start my 51st skiing season ….I love this sport and all that goes with it….This year 48 ski days….but who is counting.
    Can’t wait to read more of the history,suggestion for new skis,ski areas,etc.We in NJ have a long history of skiing too.

    PS New Jersey’s main ski area MT. Creek is great,with new owners that welcome seasoned skiers. We have a large group that are there most days.Join us sometime next season.again good luck

  5. “Seasoned skiers”. I like that one.

  6. Leslie C. Nichols says:

    Thank you! I look forward to receiving Senior Skiing. For decades, my stay in shape activity was running. Not fast, of course, but I did get in ten marathons. I figured out at age 68 that my knees had come through for me without any problems, and I had not sustained any injuries. Why push my luck? I got back into skiing in a big way, and every year just gets better. I’ll turn seventy- eight in May. My wife is very active, but she no longer hit the slopes. I’ve taken the Bumps for Boomers class in Aspen for ten years in a row, and I’ll do the Taos ski week next year for the fifth consecutive year. I’ve added 70+ Ski Club to my list, and next season will be my third with them. Regular workouts at the YMCA, with rotation between full body weight workouts and elliptical and rowing (no trauma to the knees), is part of my regular schedule. At any age, you can’t just jump on the skis at altitude and expect a good result. I’ve read your articles on ski alps and am considering that experience, though I’m pretty sure heli-skiing is not for me. Thanks again, and I look forward to receiving Senior Skiing next season! Les Nichols

  7. Robert Agnew says:

    I have 6 levels of back fusions and two artificial hips but I still got in 6 days at Park City this year. My grandkids are so important to me and I was able to have 6 of the 7 with me all week. At 77 I am losing ground but still love this sport and the fact that my grandkids so love this great sport. Thanks for the continuing encouragement.


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