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Emily Dickinson said: “A little Madness in the Spring / Is wholesome even for the King.”  So here’s a little quiz that might drive you a little nuts. See how you do in this exercise in pattern recognition.

Below are seven aerial shots of New England ski resorts taken a week or so ago by an aviator friend. Can you identify them? Hint: there are three in New Hampshire, two in Maine, two in Vermont. All photos credit: C. Michael.

Mountain 1

Mountain 2

Mountain 3

Mountain 4

Mountain 5

Mountain 6

Mountain 7


This Week:

Telluride has trails for everyone from beginners to expert. And it is certainly less crowded than the resort that starts with V.

Our Vicarious Vacation series moves west to Telluride for a top-to-bottom ride.  What’s notable about Telluride is that it is a high-altitude, long-run resort. Our skier deserves some kudos for making it down non-stop. Click here.

Herb Stevens, the Skiing Weatherman, reports that the spring skiing for the near future is West. Western and Northwestern resorts have “money in the bank” for a longer lasting season.  Click here.

Vail Resorts has dropped the price of its Epic pass 20 percent. It is certainly a strategic play to get more customers. The forecast is: cheaper passes and no reservations (also part of VR’s package) equals lots of people lining up. And we add the uncertainty of COVID, and we have some complications in deciding to buy a pass now or not or perhaps not ever. This week’s Question For You asks for your opinion. Click here.

Trek Navigator allows a comfortable, upright riding position. A fat seat helps.

We are transitioning to coverage of bicycling topics, a pasttime that many of our readers pursue in a serious way. Here’s correspondent Marc Liebman’s take on some lessons he learned long ago and have been reinforced by his recent training program.  Click here.

In this most unusual year, we have published a series of articles and a Resource Guide on alternative snow sports called Make More Tracks. And, as we have seen, interest in those alternatives—XC, fat biking, snowshoeing, winter hiking—has spiked.  A major contributor to that series has been Roger Lohr, publisher of, a directory and source of information about where to stay, equipment, and technique. His article summarizes the value that brings to readers.  Click here.

Ski Coach Bob Trueman (r) puts emphasis on the mental aspects of skiing.

Ski coach and contributor Bob Trueman offers some advice about how to set your mind on your ski practice.  His advice is simple and direct: form a specific goal for a specific action and do it.  The actions will lead to results.  His is an interesting perspective that has aided many skiers to leverage and improve their skills. Click here.

Killington and the blue bird day.

Videographer and contributor Don Burch offers a visual gift for us.  It’s a snapshot of Killington on a beautiful, blue bird day. What more could you ask for?  Click here.

Finally, we hear from our correspondent in Australia, Dave Chambers, who reports on his ski club’s work party weekend, prepping for the ski season coming soon down under. Oz’s ski season doesn’t get rolling until late June-early July so this club gathering is a great way to build camaraderie before the snow flies. Click here.

Thanks for reading  Remember there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.

Early snow at Gravbot Ski Club welcomes work party in Mt. Hotham. Credit: Dave Chambers



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  1. Hello Mr. Maginn,

    I just posted this on Facebook and was searching “Moriarty Hat” when I came upon you. I was wondering if by chance you may have run into the person this hat belongs to

    “Not many of you know my brother Anthony. Great guy, comes from a Nordic ski family on his Father’s side. In 1985-86 he was working at Beaver Creek in Vail. He found this hat. Fast forward to 2021. He gives it to me. I want to find the owner or the-owners family. Most of the pins are fromEuropean ski areas and a lot are from different Olympic events. There is a Lake Placid 1980 Olympics ABC Pin. Also American Express Olympic pin. The person was definitely a skier. The hat is classic 60’s Moriarty Hat from Stowe Vermont. Her son was an Olympic skier. So if everyone would share this post maybe we can find the person or family this hat belongs to.”

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