We’re On Vacation!

Seniors Skiing is a video produced by correspondent Don Burch. Click the image below to bring back images of last winter.

Mask-covered, social-distanced, sanitized-hands, take-out vacations are the end of August things to do at SeniorsSkiing.com.  Jon has isolated himself in a travel trailer somewhere in the North West, and I’ve been on a sailboat in Maine, watching ospreys and sunsets.

However, we do want to send you a reminder of winter dreams.  Here’s a neat video from SeniorsSkiing.com correspondent Don Burch that shows us what it is all about. Enjoy. Just click on the image to watch.

Thanks, Don, for this wonderful gift of winter.

Remember, there are more of us every day, and we are not going away.



  1. Aaron Shapiro says:

    Could that really have been scenes on “Upper Fractured Fairytales” at Mt. Abram in Greenwood, Maine? The ultimate “way back machine”.

    But where else would Rocky and Bullwinckle ski?

    • Yes, it’s Mt Abram! I skied there in the late sixties, then again in the late seventies and most recently 2020. It was so nostalgic to visit again this year.

  2. Thank you.. quite refreshing, just before the storm,rain. Hope to ski with some of you .

  3. Eileen Fishkin says:

    Thank you! So looking forward to 20/21! Keeping all 10 fingers crossed!

  4. Very cool. Loved wildcat.
    Did that one last yr along with more crowded cranmore. Nice little. Mountains with THE Best VIEWS!!

  5. Oh how I miss skiing! Can’t wait and hope so hard that it will be a safe activity–more worried about air travel and such.

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