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After last week’s discovery of the two musical events that are held in the middle of the ski world, we thought we’d explore the intersection between snow sports and the music world one more time.

Last week, we highlighted the highly unusual and kinda cool “Gondola Sessions” where a band or sub-set of a band rides in gondola while performing and recording tunes. Just writing that sentence makes it sound nuts, but it seems to work. Kind of. There are a host of different bands riding gondolas at various resorts; we focused on our fav, Elephant Revival, singing on a Telluride gondie. Search YouTube for “Gondola Sessions”.

We also found WinterWonderGrass, blues and root music festivals held at snow country resorts in the winter. Indoors and outdoors. Senior music lovers, the idea for these gatherings goes back to Woodstock. Obviously, this season’s events are postponed. also has an interest in ski music, too.  A couple of years ago, we re-published the music of Ray Conrad and his 1970 ski song album, The Cotton-Pickin’ Lift Tower and Other Ski Songs.  Ray’s tunes are funny and sentimental.  Here’s a sample.

This week, we were reminded of another great ski song performer.  Correspondent LuAnn Snyder reminds us that John Denver composed “Annie’s Song” on a chairlift at Aspen. And, he performed one of the first pre-Go Pro ski music videos, skiing and singing “Dancing In The Mountains.” Check out her story here.

This Week
Skiing Weatherman Herb Stevens forecasts a parade of storms across the US. Finally, we are getting the snow and the cold to hold it on the ground, especially in New England. Click Here.

Could this be Nordic Heaven? Credit: Teton Pines

We have a great story  in our Make More Tracks series from correspondent Jonathan Wiesel about nordic skiing in the magnificent Jackson Hole area. He says the snow conditions are beyond great, they’re “superb”. And check out the scenery. Click Here.

This might have been do-able last week, but, hmmm, today you can’t handle “it.” Rambo at Crested Butte. Credit: Chris Segal

Ski coach and correspondent Bob Trueman offers an article on what to do when you’re in a difficult situation, when you feel you can’t make it down, when you tense up. It has happened to all of us. His advice is useful and insightful. Click Here.

And our Question For You this week asks for your advice in handling those tense situations.  What do you do when you freeze? We’d like to hear your experiences and its outcomes. Click Here. 

Correspondent Don Burch has compiled a short video of an early season ski day at Okemo, VT.  If you haven’t been out yet, this might get you moving. Click Here. 

A new contributor Keller Minton, an instructor at Vail, offers some tips on taking a lesson during COVID. As you know, a lesson at the beginning of the season can make a big difference for the rest of your year. We know a lot of our readers do take an early season lesson. Here’s how it might be different this year. Click Here.

The old Model T can be seen at the head of the lift line. Credit: Ski History.

Mystery Glimpse this week reveals the site and date of that picture of the rope tow powered by a Model T Ford. And there’s a new picture of an old hotel. Can you identify where it was? Click Here.






Meanwhile, In The Seemed-Like-A-Good-Idea-At-The-Time Department.

If anyone knows the back story of this video, please let us know.

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