Open The Archives, Technique, Mystery Glimpse, Gift Ideas With Serious Discounts For Readers.’s fifth anniversary year has caused us to reflect back on the articles that have appeared on these virtual pages. Incredibly to us, we have posted almost 1,000 articles from professional journalists, ski business people, freelancers, readers, contributors-from-out-of-the-blue, and correspondents. Our archives is an amazing collection of opinion, wisdom, tips, nostalgia, commentary, reviews, jokes, and you-name-it, all focused to the interests of the senior snow sports enthusiast.

So, throughout this year, we will be re-posting some of our most popular and our personal favorite stories from our vault.

Since we get a lot of inquiries about how to get fit, here is a series of three, progressively-more challenging articles showing you five basic exercises you can do at home.  These were originally published in October and November 2016.  Our teacher is Rick Silverman, a physical therapist and exercise consultant, who demonstrates these basic exercises with increasingly more challenging variations.

The first is basic:

The next is a little more challenging:

The final lesson is more intense:

Check out our other hidden gems. We’ll be excavating more interesting posts in future issues.

This Week

Get an Orsden parka at 30% off thru Dec 31.

Co-Publisher Jon Weisberg opens Santa’s gift bag with lots of ideas for seniors.  Note: readers can get a discount on any and all of these cool products. Seriously folks, now is the time to buy those presents in time for the holidays.  Just make sure you get your discount code right! Click here for the story.

We hear from correspondent Pat McCloskey who has looked at the “One Team” concept and how it relates to ski technique. It is an interesting take on the basic athletic requirement of moving through a motion. Let him explain it by clicking here.


Learn who the Mystery Glimpse racer was and see the new challenge by clicking here.  For the first time, we had many, many correct answers. Our racer was lost far too soon, and, had he lived, he would have been a big celebrity in the ski industry. Here’s the answer.

Buddy at Innsbruck.

Finally, correspondent Marc Liebman recalls an incident when he was testing skis for SKI magazine back in the 70s.  Guess who showed up at testing headquarters and asked if he could give a few pairs a whirl?

Thanks for reading  Please tell your friends, and remember, there are more of us every day and we aren’t going away!


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  1. Bruce Sherman says:

    With reference to your mentioning a lack of products for senior skiers, I have designed one…A SKI WALKER!!! I’ll forward a picture today!

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