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If you’re caught empty-handed and about to head to another senior ski friend’s party, consider ordering and instantly downloading a copy of Ray Conrad’s classic collection of ski songs, The Cotton-Pickin’ Lift Tower and Other Ski Songs.

Ray wrote and recorded these songs ‘way back in the 60s. If you recall, the revival of folk music and growing interest in skiing happened at the same time.  The resulting mash up of ski songs is actually funny, nostalgic, kind of corny, and fun to blast out on the car stereo as you (or the giftee) heads to ski country.  Click below for a sample.

You can order the 16-song CD as an instant download from CDBaby/RayConrad for $20.

This Week

We are reprising a timely article from correspondent Harriet Wallis who asks “Should you take an early season lesson?”One of our surveys revealed that about one-third of our readership does in fact take an early season lesson for a variety of reasons, like having to adapt to changing physical capabilities. Click here for her story.

This week’s Mystery Glimpse is a woman snowboarder who…well, you tell us.  The function of last week’s thingy is revealed.  No, it wasn’t an inclinometer, at least according to the Colorado Snowsports Museum who supplied the pic.

One of our readers, Hiller Hardie, from Pittsburgh, responded to our request for contributions by sending in an interesting article on Hoar Frost, the crystalline formation that appears on the ground or in woodland floors after a humid, cold night. Turns out, hoar frost is used by guides and ski patrollers to assess the risk of avalanche in back country.  Find out how by clicking here.

Co-Publisher Jon Weisberg writes about the innovative Apex boot which provides both comfort and support for senior skiers who dread the aches and pains of “regular” ski boots.  When we first started, we noticed an article about Olympic star Billy (the) Kidd who said that he wore the boots as a way to adapt to his more senior style of skiing.  These boots were designed by Denny Hanson who revolutionized the industry in the early 70s with his Hanson rear-entry boot that many people regard as a major advancement in boot design. Readers of can get a 20 percent discount on Apex boots until Dec. 31.  Jon will tell you all about it by clicking here. 

Finally, Harriet is back with a tribute to a SnowSports leader, Jim Gaddis, who made his mark as a fundraiser for a number of important snow sports institutions. 

Thanks very much for reading Tell your friends and remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away! is taking a break during the Christmas week. See you in 2019! 

Drive safely this week!

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  1. Great issue. Happy Holidays to Mike and Jon, and all the SeniorsSkiing readers!

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