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Here in’s New England headquarters, we are feeling very gratified. We’ve been receiving donations from both online donors and through the mail. The notes on little pieces of paper mailed in with checks have been supportive and encouraging. “We love reading your e-magazine,” says one. “Keep it up,” says another.

Thank you very much. Here’s a Valentine picture for you taken on a beautiful blue bird day at Appleton Farms just after Sunday’s snow fall.

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This Week

Correspondent Tamsin Venn visits Loon Mountain and reports on her ski experience in times of COVID.  It’s like a throw-back to the old days, simple, economical, and ski-focused. Click here.

We found an interesting video on YouTube where someone took a run at Nax resort, a small-ish area in the Swiss Alps. It’s an eight and a half minutes from the top of the lift to the bottom.  You judge if you would have been comfortable doing what the videographer did. Or whether you think it’s safe. Click here.

The traveling Australian Dave Chambers recounts a 30-day ski journey in France.  On day one, a member of his safari has a bad accident. His tale of Marg’s foreshortened vacation and the wonder of travel insurance are a lesson in being prepared for evacuation far from home. Click here.

Correspondent Marc Liebman has done some research on the potential of a “personal ski”, that is, one made just for you.  Hey, if Dell can customize computers to your specs, why not a ski? Click here. publisher Roger Lohr describes the typical injuries you can get in XC and how to avoid them. Click here.

Jan Brunvand, a frequent contributor from Utah, sent us a reminiscence about skiing in college in the 50s and how his first date with his current wife worked out. Click here.

Ski instructor John Gelb advises readers to take a lesson and reports on the three common flaws he sees in seniors that can be improved with instruction. Click here.

Finally, the Skiing Weatherman Herb Stevens brings us next week’s weather prediction. Coming up to four weeks to spring. Click here.

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  1. Where did you go to college in central New York and when? I was at Syracuse undergrad 1972-1976. The ski club ran lessons at Song.

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