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Here we are in mid-winter, Ground Hog’s Day is behind us, and we are looking at enormous snow “floods” in the Northwest and the Sierra. Mammoth Mountain will be open until July 4th, working on its base of 446 inches, the deepest snowpack in the country.

And there are deep, deep snows in Colorado. Here’s where we are as of Feb. 12. Not as crazy deep as California, but still an abundant year for the Rockies.

Credit: Joe Durzo

Meanwhile, New England is doing okay, snow-wise, up country. New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, experiencing varying days of cold, warm, rain, snow. Hey’s it’s New England.

But Boston? It’s a snow desert. Where’s the snow this year? There’s a record lack of snowfall in the metro area. Why is this important? People correlate the amount of snow on their lawns with the snow depth at local ski areas. Not logical, but there you go. And, there has simply been no cross-country skiing in the Boston area. None, zero, nada, zilch, zip. Not happy about that. In fact, with 4.7 inches on the books for the 2018-19 season, the view here is that our urban snow scene is “Downright Lame.”

Boston gets mild, not snow. What’s up? Credit: WBZ-TV

So, what about the Midwest. Cold from the Polar Vortex seems to have lifted. Winter Storm Maya gave a moderate dump on the middle section of the country before brushing New England, but certainly not monstrous.

In any case, Boston is feeling a bit bruised, ego-wise, with this year’s snow snub. However, we do remember it is only February. Recall March, 2018 with its four major storms leaving three feet of snow and hundreds of trees down and power out for thousands. Stay tuned.

This Week

We have another interesting Ask The Expert question from a reader: What does it take to get up from a fall and what exercises can facilitate that move?

Our Mystery Glimpse involves identifying a ski jump that is…stupendously big. Last week’s historic rope tow was in Maine, not New Hampshire, at a ski area long gone. Find out where and what here.

Correspondent Pat McCloskey offers an ironic recounting of the kind of folks you can run into in the world of snow sports. Humbling.

Harriet Wallis captures one of the greatest senior skiers, George Jedenoff, who celebrated his 101st birthday at Alta. On skis. His attitude is indeed an inspiration to us all. Read his secret to keeping going here.

Co-Publisher Jon Weisberg visited Steamboat for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Here’s his Resort Review of that famous ski area and town.

And finally, Ted Levy, a reader who spends his winters and summers in Park City, tells us the tale of a lesson learned from a Finnish folk tale and how it helped he and his wife solve a cross-country skiing dilemma.

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