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PromotiveWe are extremely excited this week to announce a fantastic and exclusive discount deal for’s subscribers.  Now you guys can sign up with (using a special access code you will receive shortly in a separate email), and get discounts on top brands in ski equipment, clothing and lots of stuff.  We know this is important to you because our reader surveys have revealed that discounts are critical, really.  So, there you go, have at it.  Free.  No charge for subscribing to SeniorSkiing and no charge for signing up with Look for the subscribers-only email with access instructions very soon.

Stories this week include reviews of Mt. Baker, snow catcher of the Northwest, by our newest contributor John Nelson.  Great ticket deals there, seniors. There’s also a guide to skiing easy ways down Mt. Mansfield, Stowe’s magic mountain, by correspondent Tamsin Venn. We remember beautiful, long runs down the Perry Merrill, many, many years ago. Stowe is a special place in the pantheon of skiing., and Tamsin does a great job of introducing seniors to its charming, blue runs. Paul Foy also shows us some lightweight gear that might encourage you to visit the backcountry, a segment of snow sports that is really growing.

We asked Salt Lake City correspondent Harriet Wallis to investigate the stretching challenge we discovered in our recent poll.  We found that 60 percent of you do some level of stretching and 40 percent don’t.  What she found when she consulted with her physical fitness advisor and others surprised her, us and it will you, too.

Co-Publisher Jon Weisberg has a report on Muck Boots, hearty footwear for snow country. Curious how a boot originally designed for cleaning horse stalls has made its way into snow country fashion.

Finally, we have a bit of fun with a most amazing architectural design: An apartment building with a built-in ski slope. Yes, this is legit; it even won an architectural award. Think of the implications for Saturday night parties.


Because this week was so busy with our Promotive announcement, we weren’t quite able to get the Washington Birthday race story in press.  It is interesting that our queries around the ski industry into that race’s history resulted in little information.  The Washington Birthday race was a “people’s race”, like the Vassalopett in Sweden.  Everyone lines up in a giant, snow-covered field, and off you go.  Was great fun back in the 60s and 70s.  Anyone out there have memories or pictures to share?

That's what Borat says.
That’s what Borat says.

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