Supporting, Time For Gratitude, StratWarm, XC Ski Length, Reflections On Comments, Best Restaurant Ever, Odyssey Between US And Canada, And More Ski Art.

About eight years ago, Jon Weisberg, a college friend and fraternity brother, mentioned on a holiday phone call that he had been thinking about starting a website for senior skiers. He even chatted up fellow senior skiers on lift chairs across the West to validate his vision.

Interesting idea, he had.  We discussed. Why a website? Why not an online magazine? Published for free. To senior skiers. Advocating for their interests, concerns, and needs. Providing information about best skis, best boots, where to ski free (or almost free). Highlighting topics of interest to older sports enthusiasts. Conducting survey research to better understand the readers. Recruiting writers from around the world, both professionals and amateurs.

So, we became co-publishers of, not knowing anything about online publishing, Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, web hosting, WordPress, or any of the realities involved with putting out weekly editions. We tapped into our 401Ks to start pulling the threads together. We lucked out when we found Alice Winthrop of Gatehouse Design who produced our prototype and taught us how the backend worked.

We found a group of extraordinary journalists who clicked with the idea and who had stories to tell. This stalwart group has been the cornerstone of how we grew. We simply could not have “gone to press” without them. As a completely shoe-string operation, we couldn’t pay them, but they provided first-rate stories that resonated with readers.

And, started to catch on. In truth, we never really tried to “sign up” new readers; we just encouraged readers to tell their friends about us. And so, we grew.

Sometime last year, we realized that we were publishing more than an online magazine. We had created a community of seniors who loved the outdoors, winter and summer, and who were active, engaged, experienced, opinionated, and knowledgeable. And who used to talk to one another. has become more than an online magazine. It represents a forum for seniors who love the active lifestyle.  Help us to keep this going.

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This Week

Avalement was the French answer.

Ski Coach Bob Trueman has reviewed the comments to the Question For You article: How Did You Learn? He offers his opinion about the state of ski instruction. You may disagree or agree, but you can’t deny he has some interesting points. Click here.

Skiing Weatherman Herb Stevens has identified a wrinkle in the arctic atmosphere called a StratWarm condition. It means cold is coming.  Find out what a StratWarm is and why you should love it. Click here.

Don Burch has another unusual ski art video. This one is really different. What do you think? Click here.

How do you select the proper cross-country ski length? Hold your arm up and measure the ski against your wrist? Think again.  Here’s the straight skinny on skinny skis from Jared Manninen from Click here.

This week’s Question For You asks you to identify the best restaurant you’ve been to in ski country. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most gourmet or luxurious, although it could be.  It could be a remarkable hamburger joint on a mountain road. Tell us your story. Click here.

Curlew Saloon is a taxidermist’s showcase. Credit: Dave Chambers

Our traveling Australian correspondent Dave Chambers offers a narrative about traveling across the border from Washington state to British Columbia, the little towns he went through, what he found, and a hidden gems ski resort in BC. Click here. Click here.

Finally, correspondent Pat McCloskey takes stock in mid-season about how this sui generis year is turning out. Nice story about being grateful for what we have. Click here.

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  1. Richard Kavey says:

    Hi Mike, Song Mt. is 30 min from where I live in Cazenovia, but was 15 minutes when I used to live in LaFayette. How about your recollections of Friday Night Freakouts at Song when the lifts never closed and much foolishness was accomplished. Where you at SU? On SU’s ski team. I coached for many years at Song – first juniors and then masters. Now an based out of Toggenburg but only Nordic for me this year as I fear da Covid.

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Hi Richard. Oh yes, I remember those Friday evenings. In fact, I just remembers skiing at night all those years. When I finally went skiing in the daylight, I kind of lost it. Yes SU class of 66. I remember the Pima lift—was there a rope tow, too. And dancing wildly to the band in the lodge late into the evening. The drive home thru unlit country roads was always exciting.

  2. Skiing in central NY great this season. Conditions at the moment are good. Smaller areas 10 to 50 slopes with lift tickets for seniors from free at Swain & McCauley, to $50+ at larger resorts. Song I think $50+. Weekdays fewer skiers so less covid risk. Who needs Epic or Ikon! Get out there and enjoy.

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