Our Iowa Caucus Moment, Hemingway In The Voralberg, Ragged And Powder, Mystery Lady, Weather Report.

We recovered though.

Last Friday, SeniorsSkiing.com launched our Annual Fundraiser, asking you, our wonderful readership, to help defray some of the expenses that come with publishing an online magazine. Well, all went well for a few hours, and then…we went Iowa. 

A small number of our readers reported their credit cards or zip codes were being rejected. Egads! What to do? Slightly panicked, we dug around the back end of applications and called support people, finally finding a menu box that should have been unchecked was still checked. Uncheck the box, and the world is well. That bit took all day.

So, please, if you tried to donate to SeniorsSkiing.com, the only online magazine for senior snow sports enthusiasts, and you ran into our Iowa moment, please try again. 

Once again, the premiums we are offering are:

For $65 or more, you get a SeniorsSkiing.com tote bag, our top choice for the best way to keep all of your ski stuff in one, portable place, and to show your support for SeniorsSkiing.com. Made of durable, water-resistant polycanvas, it is 19.5” wide, 15” high, and expands by 7.5”. Use it to store and carry gloves, mittens, liners, hand warmers, sun screen, lip balm, extra tops and socks, a change of clothes, you name it. It has a good-sized zippered interior pocket to keep ski passes, cell phone, etc. The entire bag zips up to make a neat package for the back of the car or to carry on board. It features sturdy sewn hand straps and a clip-on nylon shoulder strap.

For $35, we’ll send you two coveted SeniorsSkiing.com sew-on patches with a bold battle cry, “Liv 2 Ski” and two SeniorsSkiing.com stickers.

For $25, you’ll get two SeniorsSkiing.com stickers with our “Mountain Man” logo, one for each ski.






This Week

Voralberg region, Austrian Alps, was visited by Hemingway and friends.
The Voralberg, Austria

Our Snow In Literature feature publishes an excerpt from Ernest Hemingway’s famous story, The Snows Of Kilimanjaro, describing the main character’s memories of skiing in the Austria Voralberg in the 20s. Clearly, some of these fictional passages were based on Hemingway’s own sojourn is the Alps as an early adopter skier back in the day.  We originally published this article in 2014, but we’re bringing it back for our newer subscribers. You can’t beat his description of skiing down to mountain inns with a “Hi! Ho! said Rolly!” A link to the whole story is included in case you haven’t read it in a while. Have you skied the Voralberg?

Ragged Mtn, Danbury, NH, has two peaks. Credit: Ragged Mtn.

Correspondent Joan Wallen reports on Ragged Mt. a New Hampshire classic that we feel is a perfect hill for seniors.  It’s within easy driving distance from Boston, Connecticut, Maine, and has an array of do-able trails, uncrowded, relatively moderate cost, and no-frills base lodge.  What more could you want?

Credit: Thad Quimby, Peak Resorts

Our popular Mystery Glimpse feature has a picture of a dashing woman skier, heading down a slope sans chapeau, wearing a light sweater.  What’s that flag doing in the background? That’s enough of a hint for observant readers to guess where, but what about who?  Thanks to Peak Resort’s photo archives for this pic. We also reveal the identity of the ski team from last week.

Harriet Wallis updates our review of Powder Mt, the wide-spread ski area in Utah, that loves seniors so much they offer a free ticket to 75+ and a practically free season pass. How’s that, readers? That gives you access to uncrowded slopes, good snow, and classic facilities. 

Finally, we have our weekly weather prognosticator Herb Stevens, showing us that winter might be half over, but not done by far.

Thanks again for reading SeniorsSkiing.com.  Tell your friends, and remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.



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