Interesting Product and Resort Reviews, Big City Skiing and Poll Results.

With Big Snow finally coming to the East Coast, we are getting the dust off our snow sports equipment.  Next week, we’ll have some reporting about classic New England skiing and, with the Mid-Atlantic getting whomped, we expect to hear from our contributors down there about new-found snow.

Move over, Big Papi, Big Air is coming to Fenway. Spectators can oo-ha on Feb 12-13.
Move over, Big Papi, Big Air is coming to Fenway. Spectators can oo-ha on Feb 12-13.

This week’s issue  

From contributor Pat McCloskey, read about HoliMont, a relatively low-key private ski club in Western New York State.  We’re planning an article on private ski clubs in general but this one is an interesting preview. Lots of programs for families and it’s open to non-members during the week.

Paul Foy reviews a collapsible water bottle from Hydrapac that helps solve the problem of how to hydrate on the hill.  Dehydration is a real menace, especially in seniors, and doubly especially for seniors in higher altitudes, so this one is worth paying attention to.

We also trace a phenomenon that’s been going on in different places and different ways for a while:  Skiing in the city.  Tokyo, New York and now Boston are making different attempts to bring the mountain to the town.  LATE BREAKING NEWS:  WINTER JAM IN NEW YORK THIS WEEKEND HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  REASON:  TOO MUCH SNOW EXPECTED! GO FIGURE.

We are publishing the results of our Reader Poll about ski patrollers lifting tickets from speeders.  This one has us scratching our heads.  Check the results and tell us what you think the data is saying.

Finally, correspondent Harriet Wallis visits Snowbasin and finds that local Farm-to-Table produce and meats have been embraced by the chefs.  Serious dining on the mountain, folks.

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Good Luck, Mid-Atlantic States.

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