The Top 10 Articles Of 2019.

Here are our readers favorite articles from the past year, deducted by looking at the number of comments, clicks, and the help of Google Analytics. It is certainly a diverse collection of pieces, ranging from our very popular Mystery Glimpse feature fueled by historic photographs from ski museums around the country, to a variety of advice stories, our directory of senior-friendly ski resorts, and, emerging this year, a series of articles about on-slope collisions, a major source of concern to readers.

All links will bring you to the original article.  These are listed in reverse rank order.

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10. Mystery Glimpse: Who’s This Unhappy Fella? This popular feature asks readers to guess the person, place, or thing in a photo, usually submitted by a ski museum. This one features a candid shot of a very famous racer.

9. First Ever List of 145 US/Canadian Resorts Where Seniors Ski Free. Or almost free. has an exclusive listing of these resorts. Very popular and located in Subscriber-Only content.

8. Coping With Flat Light. Advice on dealing with bad visibility, so vexing that it can ruin a day’s outing.

7. Season Ending: The Last Perfect Turn. A lyrical view of the end of what was a record-breaking season in many places. From last spring.

6. Ask The Expert: Ski Boot Advice. Basic advice from MasterFit’s Steve Cohen on how a 65 year old can buy his/her first ski boot.

5. Incidents & Accidents 1. As our Spring Survey revealed, out of control skiers is the number one aspect of skiing that upsets our readers. This is the first of our ongoing series of reader reports about collisions and accidents on ski slopes.  We are collecting this portfolio of these to see if we can identify a common thread to use in influencing

4. Putting Away Your Skis And Stuff. Practical advice for caring for your gear at the end of the season.

3. My Knee Replacement Story. A full recounting of the process, from initial onset of painful symptoms to rehab.

2. Gone In a Flash.   Advice on not taking any season for granted, especially poignant when you are physically barred from participating.

1. Blind-Sided & Body-Slammed. A personal account of a bad collision and its consequences started our reader-written series of Incidents & Accidents. This was the inaugural story from correspondent Roger Lohr that created a huge amount of attention.  This issue is serious and important to continue to understand.  We hope that eventually the data we collect will be useful in influencing ski patrol and area management safety practices.

This Week.

Our Mystery Glimpse looks at a statute that has meaning for a special museum.  The location and back story of the Fountain Mountain is revealed.

Harriet Wallis reminds us that five simple words can mean a world of difference to people skiing alone.

Start at the top at Snowshoe Mountain Resort, WV, Credit: Snowshoe Mountain

As we learned last month, the mid-Atlantic states have high mountains, higher, in fact, than New England.  So, here’s a resort review from Snowshoe Mountain Resort in West Virginia. It’s an “upside down” resort with lodge and parking at the top.

Herb Stevens, the Skiing Weatherman, explains how a weather pattern that evolves over the Indian Ocean and gradually moves east can impact temperatures in North America. Regional forecasts for the week also included.  Fascinating stuff.

We are happy to answer our reader’s technical questions.  This week, a reader asks about whether old bindings can be used on new skis. Find out what realskier’s Jackson Hogen says.

Our Incidents & Accidents feature this week is by an individual who was severely injured in a collision at Steamboat Springs, but was never able to successfully track down the person who hit him. Lots of lessons learned here.

Thanks again for reading We are looking forward to a wonderful 2020. Please tell your friends about us, and, remember, there are more of us every day, and we aren’t going away.







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